Wednesday, December 01, 2010

WIWW actually on a Wednesday !!!

So, I have not been the best participant in this - I want to do it, but life just seems to take over. Anyway I have a few outfits to show you - please do tell me what you think - I tried to be a little different, not sure that it worked - you tell me.

First up is a cooler weather outfit of grey jumper from The White Company, Jeans from Monsoon and Converse shoes with a vintage locket and an old silver necklace of mine - I am wearing a white tank under the jumper, but you really can't see it.

I have a real problem with this jumper - I love it, it's super soft and a lovely light grey colour, but it is shapeless and when I wear it I feel like a lump. So much so that I went and changed into this

This I like a little better because it seems to give me a bit more shape - what do you think ?

I decided to mix it up a bit with this outfit. This is a stripey top from H & M, a beautiful grey and silver origami jacket from Anthro, jeans from Monsoon and shoes are Crocs (surprise, surprise !)

What do you think ? does it work - I love the long sleeve top under shorter sleeved jacket look and this is the only shorter sleeved jacket that I have, so I thought I would try the look out - if felt pretty good, so what do you think - is it OK ?

Something happened that was quite exciting last week - we went to a horse show for the Queen (of England) and the Sultan (of Oman) - we had to apply to a lottery for tickets to go and we won - we were super excited and had a fabulous time - it was so much fun. We did have to sit around for over three hours in the sun waiting for the show to start, but the seats were really comfy, the atmosphere was great and we really really enjoyed ourselves - it was very civilzed indeed. So what do you wear to go to a horse show with the Queen ? This was what I decided on

The top is bright yellow, as you can see, from Zara - don't really like the shape of this top, again shapeless, but I love the colour of it, so I do wear it ocassionally - I thought it was ideal for this type of day, light and airy and nice and bright. So I wore it with a pair of green linen trousers from Hobbs - again, don't wear them that often because they are quite wide and baggy, but very comfortable. The shoes are from Monsoon and the necklace is from Bali - it broke again at the end of the day, that's about the fourth time, but I'm still in love with it so I'll get it repaired again ! I felt pretty good this day if a little on the large and voluminous side !

That is all that I have for you I'm afraid. I'm thinking a lot more about what I'm wearing now, but I don't always get time to take and post pictures. I have got a couple of great Party outfits planned for the upcoming festive season though, so I make sure I post pictures of those !

I'm linking to Lindsey at the Pleated Poppy.