Friday, January 18, 2013

An Unusually Fabulous Day

Yesterday started out like any other - well almost - James and I went to the gym, which is quite an unusual way to start the weekend for us, we usually go to breakfast and have a cake - so not so usual after all. We went for a nice cup of tea afterwards, so that was more normal I guess !

Then the day got really odd. I went to the Opera House to see the Deborah Colker Dance Company, the weird bit was, I went on my own. Now this is very unusual indeed, a show, on my own, in the day time. Unheard of.

It was most fabulous to go to the Opera House and be alone, I love being with other people, most of the time, but sometimes, it's just lovely to be on my own, doing something I enjoy. Even odder, when it was over a friend who had also been at the show, asked me if I'd like to join her for afternoon tea, which I did and was most enjoyable indeed. After that I had to pop to the rugby pitch to see the boys in my high heel shoes, so it was back to earth with a bump !

So the dance company. I am not what you might call a fan of Modern Dance and this was most certainly Modern Dance. I really enjoy watching ballet and there was lots of ballet in there for sure, the rest was, well, unusual, much like the day really. Lots of sharp, short aggressive moves, sticking out of tongues and pulling of funny faces, along with jumping about and rolling around. It was interesting and great to watch, I did enjoy it, but I have to say I prefer the classical stuff.

Having said that, the final section of the performance was fabulous. The back of the stage was converted into basically a massive climbing wall and the company of dancers performed on the wall. It was totally amazing what they could do with their bodies, the strength of them was unbelievable. I loved it so much. The shapes, the rhythm, just fabulous. I'd love to see the last section again - the rest, I could give it a miss to be honest.

I've been knitting too. I'm ploughing my way through Dominka.

I am really enjoying knitting it to be honest. It's not too difficult and it's growing really quickly. As I knit I dream about knitting a fairisle circular yoke sweater or cardigan. I'm really keen to give one a try. I've never attempted anything like it before but I'm really keen to try something like this beauty.

However, it involves steeking - something that frightens the life out of me - I'm thinking though, it's the year of me and time for a challenge, so I just might give it a go - I'm sure I can do it and honestly, it's beautiful. We are planning a summer holiday in Scotland this year. Mull to be precise and I'd love to take this with me - do you think I can do it ? It might seem odd to be going on holiday to Scotland from Oman, but we long for seasons and I'm hoping it's going to be a bit rainy and damp - what do you think ? is it likely to rain in Scotland in July and August ?


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