Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Some you win .........

........... and some you loose.

So, yesterday I was all excited about crafting and I was determined to make those lovely crayons that I linked to. So after I picked up Oscar from school at 10.30am ( yes you read that right, he finishes school at 10.30am - he starts at 7.30am in case you were wondering) we went to a kind of supermarket / homewares store called The Sultan Centre and bought some ice cube trays in the shape of penguins, dolphins and seals - they were only 1 Riyal each, which is pretty good given that I saw the exact same ones in another shop for 4 Riyals each ! we also got a good load of crayons to melt and we were ready to go. So after I picked Jacob up from school at 2.10pm (he gets a bit of a longer day !), we did some jobs and then made our way home to make the crayons. We stripped the boxed crayons of their paper skins, colour coded them and then broke them up into pieces to fit into the mould. We waited impatiently for the oven to heat up and then the moment arrived and we put them in the oven. Everyone else disappeared off to do their own thing, whilst I stayed in the kitchen. A strange smell began eminating from the oven - I opened the door in a hurry to discover that the mould had totally melted !!!!

So that wasn't oven proof then !!!! Lucky we only tried one as a test though. I called the boys in to have a look and they spend about 45 minutes poking and proding the melted mess with bamboo skewers, coating their fingers and drawing on paper with them - they loved it !!! they wanted me to do another one just so they could do it all over again - I wasn't so sure the fumes were a good idea !!!!

I shall now order the proper oven proof moulds from the US - I think I'm going to get the Alphabet Letters and the Numbers 4 and 8 they'll be great for upcoming birthdays I'm planning all sorts of stuff to make in them.

On the plus side - I got new glasses - want to see ? I think they are a little bit Mad Men (a series that I am really struggling to get into by the way). It is taking me a while to get used to them - I've been wearing my old pair for over three years and it seems a little odd to look in the mirror and see myself looking totally different - they are nice though !

Also I bought a new cardy - I got it at Forever 21 - I'm quite new to Forever 21, I always thought it was for teenages, but then I saw a lot of the ladies who do What I Wore Wednesday wear stuff from Forever 21 and I thought I'd give it another go and wow - they have some fab stuff in there. So my new cardy is a teal colour, has a zip up the front, a v-neck and elastic on the three quarter length sleeves and around the botoom - I love it and it was only 9 Riyals, which is a bargain I can tell you - you can hardly get anything here for 9 Riyals. I'm so excited by it, and even more excited that the weather was cool enough yesterdy for me to wear it - yay - winter is coming !!!


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