Wednesday, September 15, 2010

This is an experiment !

So, I am planning on joining in the What I Wore Wednesday thinging that is being run over at The Pleated Poppy, which I found via Lisa Leonard - fabulous jewellery by the way - am definately hoping to get a couple of her necklaces for Christmas - some serious hints are going to have to be dropped and that is for sure - I love this one and this one especially. Aren't they fabulous. I found that blog via a fab blog that I read all the time called Whatever, Meg is inspiring in the way she lives her life and I wish I could me more like her - her family are just lovely. Anyway back to the point ! I have been thinking for somewhile now about making some kind of document of the clothes that I wear - vain I know, but I think quite a lot about clothes and I always feel that the outfits I put together in my head, never actually make it on to my body - so I thought this might be a good way to get me to experiment a little more - I am sure I wear the same things all the time and don't even notice it - so I plan to mix it up a little and try to wear some of the clothes that I actually own.

The other thing I have noticed is that the majority of people who do this sort of thing are thin. I am definately not thin and it might be nice to have someone contributing who is normal size do you think ? Anyway - I'm going to give it a go, however given my track record at sticking with things I'm not holding my breath !!! We'll see. So I took a photo of today's outfit and I wanted to post it just to see how it looked on line, I have never taken photos of me in my full length mirror before and I realise that is in quite a dark position, still I shall make the best of it and you shall just have to forive me for rubbish photos - I hope you can do that !

So, the top is from Jigsaw, the waistcoat is from Forever 21, the Jeans are from Anthropolgie (a splurge purchase on my summer holidays and so comfortable), the shoes are Crocs (you'll see those a lot, I have feet issues !), the necklaces are from Monsoon. I think that just about covers it all.

Lets see if I can keep it up - I'll try, but who knows !


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