Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Just Because

Well just because I don't blog for ages and ages and ages it doesn't mean that I'm not around - I am and I'm still reading lots of blogs and knitting a bit as well. Just not as much as I used to do when we were in the UK. Life here is very different and so busy I hardly have time to think. All to do with the fact that the boys start school at 7.30am and 8.00am - shops open at 10.00am and then I have to pick one up at 12.00 and one at 2.00 etc etc - I won't moan, but suffice it to say my time is not often my own.

However I have a couple of little photos to share. I recently knitted a lovely lovely little scarf / shawl thing for a friend of mine - it was a Mulberry Kit from Colinette. I didn't do it in the blue I did it in the white and it was gorgeous - however I have to say it was much more difficult to knit than I thought it would be. It was the first time I have knit with that very fine mohair yarn and it was tricky I have to say. Still the end results were gorgeous. I have got the blue version to knit myself but that will have to be done after I've finished quite a few other things I've got sitting on my needles at the moment.

Anway, pictures of Mulberry - here they be

I also have a nice picture of a sock that I knitted when we make the long journey up Jebel Shams. That's a big mountain no that far from us in Oman. Well we thought it wasn't that far but it was actually three hours each way - bit of a long journey to go up a hill, see a view eat a spot of lunch and then come home again - still it was pleasant and I got plenty of sock knitting done. This is just a plain old sock in Colinette Jitterbug - oh I've just realised this has turned into a bit of a Colinette post !!!

And here - just because I can - a picture of Oscar in his Grump's glasses - how cute does he look !!!

Lastly - a couple of weekends ago James and I went to Dubai on our own without children and I have to say it was amazing. It was the first time that we have been away without the children since we had Jacob - so nearly 7 years - oh to have a hotel room all to yourself and be able to watch adult telly and then have breakfast in bed - well it was wonderful. Whilst we were there we visited the alleged largest sweet shop in the world - I have to say it was like coming home !!! just a fabulous place - so if you ever find yourself in Dubai - visit Candylicious opposite the very large aquarium in Dubai Mall - wonderful !