Sunday, November 09, 2008

Evenin' All

So it has been a lovely day for me today. Jacob was off school sick all last week - a lovely vomiting bug that is going round school, I have never seen him so ill. Anyway as a result I was pretty worn out by the end of the week and I decided that today was a ME day. I love a ME day !

I took Oscar to school with me this morning - which he just loves, he was so excited to get into the car I could hardly strap him in ! We then went for a coffee at Starbucks with a friend - very civilised ! I came home and did some knitting, which I will post about tomorrow when I have taken some photos and then I went to pamper city.

First up a pedicure, lovely red toes are now mine all mine. Then a little coffee and book session, followed by a reflexology massage and an Indian Head Massage, by the best lady in Muscat - Anne at Essence Spa. I love this place and I love Anne - I have tried many many spa's over the years and had many different treatments and I have to say that I think that Anne is the best I have ever come across. The first time I had an Indian Head Massage with her I think I went into a sort of deep hypnotherapy state - it was almost trance like - just amazing. Since I have problems with my ears - I try to go and see Anne every month or so. Since a fabulous Head Massage is only 10 OMR it doesn't break the bank - thank goodness. Thoughts were running through my head whilst Anne massaged me - mainly revolving around how relaxed I felt, but also moments of stress "What if Anne ever leaves ?". What would I do ? track her down across continents ? you know what I might consider it - she is that good and makes me feel that relaxed. So if you are ever in Muscat make your way to Essence Spa and have an Indian Head Massage with Anne - you won't regret it - you might regret passing out on the bed and waking yourself up snoring and drooling, but regret the massage - never !!!!

Of course the day did not continue in this vein - I had to take Jacob to swimming lessons this afternoon - which is not too much of a chore, but always a rush - ho hum - on the plus side we got a phone call from my Mother in Law this evening to say that they are going to come out for a short visit - how lovely we say - when ? - Day After Tomorrow !!!!!! Agggggggghhhhh I've got some preparation to do !

Ta ta


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