Saturday, March 24, 2007

Well Hey There

Well I am still around. The baby and I are both doing well. We have had the 20 week scan now and we know what sex the baby is - but I'm not going share as I don't want everyone to know just yet ! I do however have a pretty picture that I can share with you.

Isn't that just gorgeous. This little one definately has the same nose as Jacob - how cute - I can't wait to meet this baby. I am at 25 weeks now, so time is marching on quite quickly.

I have been doing a little knitting, but not for our baby - my neighbour had her baby yesterday morning, so I'm just in the middle of whipping something up for her. Nothing too complicated 'cause frankly my brain just can't take it.

Now then - I really really wanted to buy some cashmere yarn so that I could knit a lovely little set for the baby for when we come back to the UK for Christmas - we are planning on having a Christening then too. So I went to Posh Yarns where I had promised myself that I was going to indulge big time once I knew the sex of the baby and shock horror they don't do custom orders any more, you just have to choose from the stuff that they have died up that week - well I want two colours to do a little striped number. Any suggestions anyone - I really want some 100% cashmere 4ply yarn and it just seems to be the hardest thing to find. I could buy a little set from Brora but I shouldn't have to 'cause I can knit and I'd like to do it myself. So if anyone knows where I can get some of this gold dust like yarn from I'd be most grateful.

Right I'm off.


Blogger Emily said...

Lovely to see a pic of your little one, I'm so pleased everything is going well and you are both fit and healthy. Looking forward to hearing whether its a girl or a boy!

4:02 pm  
Blogger littlelixie said...

Hello you! Glad to hear all is going well. Those scan pics always amaze me xx

12:33 am  
Blogger Steph said...

Lovely pic! Make sure you keep it safe to show your little one as (s)he grows up - my daughters love looking at theirs. :-)

1:38 am  
Blogger littlelixie said...

Was thinking about the yarn. You could try knit witches who I have heard really good things about. If they don't want to post outside the UK then just let me know and I can forward it on. Hope all is going well with you xxx

5:01 pm  
Anonymous Anne said...

Just wanted to say hi - haven't heard from you for a while (this is NOT nagging, just a "hello") - I hope everything is OK.

11:12 pm  

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