Thursday, October 19, 2006

Giants Only Need Apply

So I have been knitting quite a lot of things at the same time recently and then it dawned on me that not only did I need to get the bits done for people here, but I needed to get the bits done for Christmas as well - so I thought I'd make a start. So what shall I begin with ? well something simple seems a good idea - I know that lovely little girl bolero would be great - it won't take me long and it will be oh so cute - WRONG. I have had problems with Erika Knights patterns in the past, so what made me think this would be any different ? This pattern is from Simple Knits for Little Cherubs and if anyone has knit it successfully as per the pattern I would love to hear from you. This is mine so far - well I've done a lot of the other side as well, but since I'm going to have to undo it I don't think I'll bother to show you.

Do you see those red threads - according to the pattern they are the shoulder line markers - that means that the sleeve is going to be the same size again on the back - according to my calculations this means that the sleeve is going to be a total of 51cm in circumference - WHAT ????? Is this bolero for a giant ? Maybe I am reading the pattern wrong and if I am please somebody put me out of my misery before I undo the whole thing. The only saving grace for this pattern is that it is very small. I have to say though that I once considered buying Erika Knight's book Bloom which has patterns for grown ups in too - I will certainly not being buying it now - if there are such great errors in a childs jumper imagine how much worse it would be if it was an adults garment - no thank you very much indeed. So if anyone had ever knit this pattern and made changes or alterations - please do get in touch - I would love to hear from you.

On the brighter side, I have a few FO's to show you.

First up is my first pair of real sock and I can't tell you how happy I am with these. They are in cotton and so are just about ok for the colder months here.

I did a really good job of matching up the colours on the second sock until just after I had turned the heel whereup a knot appeared in the yarn. I thought nothing of it until my stripes started going all wrong. Still never mind I am delighted with the end result and think I have definately been bitten by the sock knitting bug. I would really like to get some of the Regia Canadian Fashion Colours yarn now and do a basic ribbed sock - only two problems - I am not sure where is the best place to get the Regia yarn from and I don't have a basic ribbed sock pattern ! Any help gratefully received. Oh and here is another picture of the socks - just because I can !

Next up we have a rather boring little cardi that I did for a friend's son. They are moving to Canada at the beginning of next year - Edmonton actually. So they will be needing some warmer bits. This cardi was not a joy to knit - I had to fiddle about with the size so much I ended up knitting most of the component parts about 5 times - boring when I have so many other things I wanted to be knitting. Also, this cardi has a zip and I just don't do sewing. So I asked a friend to help me out and she did, but not being a knitter it took her about 5 attempts to get it right. So it's done and I'm pleased with it, but I definately won't be doing it again ! Oh and also the friend that is moving to Canada is a recent convert to knitting and I was wondering if anyone might have any recommendations for good yarns stores in the area - so she can get herself down there and get well and truely addicted !

Finally we have a little poncho that I knitted ages ago. It's in Peter Pan Velvet and Shimmer I think - it's nasty but nice ! It is actually for the same little girl that the tasteful but giant bolero is for. I thought I would do something gaudy and something nice !

A few days ago I received a whole load of knitting needles from my Mum for my Birthday - which was in August, but never mind ! I had asked her to go the knitting shop and ask for Addi Turbos - oh so nice to knit with and how I covert a full set - unfortunately I didn't realise that Addi Turbos came in both bamboo and metal - it was the metal I wanted and of course the bamboo (or wood I'm not sure what they are) that I received. So if anyone is in the market for a swap or some such arrangement - let me know ! I will still happily use the ones I've got, but because I knit with the needle wedged into my armpit the wood ones tend to bend - I am currently using Brittany Birches for the giant bolero and lovely as they are - I don't think they will last that long 'cause they are too flexible. Oh well - ho hum next time I shall have to be more specific !

Happy knitting everyone !


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Hello there,

I am coming out to Oman at the end of march for a couple months to stay with my aunt and uncle. I have a degree in clothing design and will be making garments to sell out there. I would love to incorporate some knit, somewhere, in my designs-making them personal and I love big chunky knits. Just wondering what your thoughts on arranging something would be... Anyway here is my email address,

Hope to hear from you soon, jennifer coyle

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