Wednesday, September 06, 2006

School Daze

My little man started real school on Monday - it was greeeeeeeaaaaaaat. I am so happy to have my mornings back to myself I can't tell you ! I loved the summer we had a fab time, but it's lovely to have that little bit of time just for yourself in the day. I know it's a luxury that many don't have, but once you've had it boy is it difficult to give up. So here is my man in his little uniform.

He's only in nursery - so it's not real school as such, but he's loving being a big boy and going to big boy school, but why oh why do they have to start so early - we have to be at school by 7.30am and he finishes at 12.30pm - usually looking like this.

I don't have much knitting news a the moment - so I thought I would share some recent moments with you in photos.

First a lovely view from one of the balconies of our house. Muscat is surrounded my mountains and I love them - I love the way the light changes on them all day long, they way that sometimes you can't see them at all, and sometimes they are all you can see. They change colour all the time and I'm constantly amazed at how beautiful they are - one day I'll take some pictures out and about through the mountains and post them - they are really amazing. So here you go - feast your eyes.

Next up James' birthday. We had just had my birthday which was suffused with chocolate cake as it should be - so for James' birthday I wanted to do something different - so we made biscuits. Let me say here that the oven I have here is not like any oven you have in the UK ( I don't know about the US sorry) it is run from a gas bottle and it is very tempramental. The temperature gauge means absolutely nothing and so cooking is somewhat approximate! What I am trying to excuse is that I cooked a lot more biscuits than this, but they all got burned ! I have never every burned biscuits before and I hang my head in shame - oh woe is me - still this little lot made it through and according to James' work buds were yummy.

So an urge over took me the other day - it was an unreasonable urge and it just wouldn't go away. I had to give in to it, I had no choice - it was the urge for polka dot toe nails. Now I don't usually go in for novelty nails - no offence to those of you that love them, but on the whole they are not for me, but right now I am going through a bit of a 1950/60's ish thing and red and white polka dots just do it for me. So I took myself off to the nail gaff and persuaded the lady that red nails with white polka dots really were a good idea - eventually she caved in and lo and behold, I now have my polka dot nails - what do you think ? We have been invited to a posh do at the Chinese Embassy in a couple of weeks - do you think they will appreciate my polka dot nails ?!!!

Ta ta all and have a lovely weekend.


Anonymous Anne said...

Fabulous nails! And Jacob looks so smart. Aren't those bits of day all to yourself heavenly. I just need to make sure that I a) don't fritter it all away on the computer and b) don't forget to pick Adam up from school...

4:35 pm  
Blogger Sharon said...

Oh Jacob is looking all grown up in his little uniform. Enjoy your extra 'me' time, I can remeber when Ashley started school I would go into town and browse, not because I was looking for anything in particular just because I could ;)

Love those toenails girl!!

3:30 am  
Blogger Sharon said...

I came over here to answer your question about Central Park Hoodie, got distracted reading your post commented and forgot about the question!!! That sounds like me ;)

The yarn is an aran weight 10ply.

3:45 am  
Anonymous jane said...

Jacob looks so cute in his uniform.
Love the nails - you mad woman you.

miss you

2:02 pm  

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