Monday, June 05, 2006

Exactly What IS The Point .......

...... of hanks of yarn - can someone tell me, anybody, please just tell me ? I cannot understand it. Sure they look pretty, but then you have to spend hours upon hours untangling the blasted things when they get all knotted up. I spend nearly two hours yesterday trying to untangle a skien of HipKnits silk - now don't get me wrong - I love the stuff but grrrrr to wasting my precious afternoon when Jacob is in bed - I ended up throwing most of the blasted thing away because I just could not get it undone. So please if you know of some valid reason why hanks exist enlighten me I'm waiting to be educated.

Aside from that some progress has been made in this here house.

I have finished Jacob's cosy socks and mighty fine they are too if I do say so myself. These are from Lucinda Guy's book the exact name of which escapes me, but which is full of lovely knits for kiddlies. This is the first thing I have knitted from this book and I have to say there was a little error in the pattern - not a big one, but all the same it was there - still I soldiered on and look at the result well worth it I think you'll agree - I think I shall be knitting these as little gifts for cold English kiddies for a while to come - Jacob on the other hand will get limited wear out of them - but who cares - who said knitting had to be practical ?!

I have also knitted a One Skien Wonder for myself and it is fab.

This is the aforementioned Hip Knits silk - which looks and feels wonderful but is a bugger to ball up ! I love this pattern, I have hummed and hawed about purchasing it for ages thinking that with my ample frame it may look a little daft (an indeed hubby said to me last night as I paraded around in my newly finished garment that it looked a little daft, but I think he meant in the fashion sense rather than the frame size sense and since he is stuck in a fashion time warp I don't take too much notice of him) but it is fabulousy. I have worn it today and had multitudonous compliments from all and sundry. It is the perfect garment for here as you can wear a vest top and cover your shoulders with the wonderful OSW and still be cool, of course if you knitted it in Cashmerino aran or something I'm sure it wouldn't be so cool, but in the silk, it's wonderful. Of course I have to say that I hate hate hate the use of circular needles and why oh why are all the American ladies that write patterns so facinated with them - how many times do I find myself looking at a pattern and thinking ohh that's nice, but oh it's on circulars on to the next - I just cannot get on with them - I can use them, but boy is it slow hard going and that is no fun for me and frankly what is the point of knitting if it's not fun ? none - exactly - so there !

Today is a funny old day in Oman I have to say - look at this

Where has the sun gone ?! I have to say this is a bit of an event here the sky is normally beautifully blue with a blazing sun hanging in it, but today - cloudy, windy and very dusty - do you think we are having a sand storm - do you think I should put towels under the doors to stop it coming in the house ? How dramatic.

Here is another shot of our road.

It's all quite exciting really - am I very sad ? I'm off to knit and keep looking out the window to see what's happening. Oh I forgot to say I purchased two lovely books the other day in our local haberdashers - one is all cross stitch patterns, they are all fairy tale characters, it's got dragons and witches and all sorts of fab things in it and the other is a very basic introductory book on machine quilting - I will get around to doing it - I will I promise - well don't hold me to it.


Anonymous Maggie said...

The socks are so sweet Becky and I love your OSW! Oman looks so lovely. Everything seems to be white and that just makes it look so clean and inviting.

8:48 pm  
Blogger blueadt said...

I'm the opposite & hate knitting on straight needles. Was it that the cable was twisted? Hot water helps to solve a twisted plastic cable.

The socks are really cute!

12:49 am  
Anonymous Ann said...

You need a swift and a ball winder if you are wasting yarn.

My technique is to drape the skein over my knees and then wind it from there using my hands but I'm sure that's not for everyone. I've also heard of people using their feet to do the same -- or you could recruit a friend to help hold the yarn so you can wind from there.

I've heard that you can use a hair dryer to help work the curviness of the cord on circs.

9:51 am  
Blogger Sharon said...

I wrap the hank around two chairs and use a wool winder. That being said I find it a waste of precious knitting time.

Lovely pics of where you live.

10:00 am  
Anonymous Jen M said...

Re why hanks exist - I have been told by yarn store folks that yarn in balls gets stretched out eventually, while yarn in hanks is all relaxed and does not get stretched out of shape. Personally, I think it is sold in hanks because it looks prettier that way, and that way they will sell more yarn. Somehow, a hank of yarn is so much more earthy and sexy than a boring center-pull yarn cake. My two cents...

12:54 am  
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