Sunday, June 04, 2006

And Breathe !

Well a good night's sleep has helped to calm the circular needle crisis. I hate when my knitting doesn't go as I'd like and Circulars just seem like such hard work to me - still I will triumph - as Meg Ryan says whilst standing in front of the Arc de Triomphe in French Kiss - I love that film - although Meg Ryan has slipped down my list of icons in recent years I must admit - what was that all about with Russel Crowe - I mean how could she ? the man is a wally !

I have been galavanting rather in recent weeks, which is why posting has not been all that regular. Firstly we went for a weekend at the the new Shangri-la resort here in Oman, with a group of friends, it was fabidosy - so relaxing and great fun and the best thing was that Jacob learnt to swim. He has been on the verge for ages and ages, but he just wouldn't make that leap of faith, but during our little break he did it and he's fab. All he has to do now is remember to come up for air ! So here is Jacob, worn out after a swimming session.

To reward him for this mammoth event - I took him to the shops yesterday and bought him a new pair of fab goggles .

They are green with sharks on them - so they are now his army shark goggles - he can't wait to use them. Ever since I caved in and bought him a pair of camoflage shorts he has been mad about anything camoflage or army green - I fear his wardrobe is going to become somewhat limited with army green and spiderman - I may need to put my foot down and insist on some pink - still I'll be buying his clothes when we are back in the UK and I will not be taking him with me !

We have also been to a Ceiligh - I am so not sure if that is how you spell it ! It's a scottish party anyway with lots of organised dancing and lots of disorganised drinking ! It was great fun, we had such a laugh.

Well on to knitting. I finished my pink dream ages ago and I have been asking James to take a picture of me in it for ages - he's useless so I've attempted to take some pictures myself, they aren't great, but I think you can get the idea.

The first one is on me.

and the second one is the draped on the bed shot - if you know what I mean !

I have also done a little hat for my friend Michelle - well it's not for her, it's for her little girl who is the most gorgeous little person you could imagine. She will be going back to the UK for the summer and since they are from Glasgow, I thought they were bound to get some cool days that would definately call for a little hat that went with the little cardy that I did - I love knitting baby stuff, it's so cute and so quick, such instant gratification.

I am well underway with the little cosy socks for Jacob - I just need to sew up the second sock and then pop them into his flight bag ready for the off. Ballerina just needs the final triangle on the front doing and then it's edging and finishing off blocking etc - shouldn't take too long I hope. My next little project is a couple of mobile phone covers for my sister in law - she asked me for these back in January and I promised to deliver - I hope she understands that quite a lot has happened since then - I'm sure she will she's lovely. Don't panic Kate they will be done !

Finally let me say that whilst I have been doing this I have been listening to Jack Johnson - In Between Dreams and it just the best album - so easy and happy and relaxing - I love it, it always makes me feel better - if you haven't listened to it, you must do so immediately - and that is an order from the house of the army shorts.

Right nearly time to go and get Jacob - no time to do any knitting this morning - bummer!


Blogger Sharon said...

Well done Jacob, learning to swim. Pink dream looks lovely on you.

11:41 am  
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