Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Some Sad News

I am sorry to have to tell you all that on Saturday I went for a pre natal check up and found out that we were expecting twins. Very sadly there were no heartbeats to be found - something had gone terribly wrong. I have been in hospital and been sorted out - just the emotional side to deal with now - which is greatly helped by having my lovely little Jacob around.

Just wanted to let you all know.


Blogger blueadt said...

I'm really sorry - a big hug is being sent to you through cyber space HUGS

8:19 pm  
Anonymous Andrea said...

For various reasons I haven't been reading many blogs lately and was catching up tonight. I'm so so sorry to have read such sad news. My thoughts are with you and your family. Best Wishes - Andrea

2:37 am  
Blogger Sharon said...

Dear Becky, I e-mailed you but it came back to me maybe it has changed?

My thoughts are with you and your family, love and hugs to you,

Sharon xx

7:34 am  
Blogger Anna said...

Oh Becky, I'm so sorry, I don't know what to say besides that.

Sending hugs.

4:36 pm  
Blogger becks said...

i'm so sorry becky, i can't imagine how you must all be feeling right now but know you have lots of people thinking of you and sending all of their best wishes.

1:51 am  
Blogger susoolu said...

Dear Becky, I am so very sorry that you lost your twins. Love, and sympathy, and hugs, to you and all your family.

6:50 pm  
Anonymous emmms said...

I'm a bit late on the scene, but I'm so very sorry. What awful, heart-wrenching news. I can only hope that you know our thoughts and hearts reach out to you and the rest of your family.

Much, much love emmms

1:09 am  
Anonymous Ann said...

Thinking of you Becky. ((hugs))

7:44 am  
Blogger minka said...

sorry to hear your news. best wishes to you and your family.

12:01 pm  
Anonymous Noo said...

Terrible news. All my best thoughts to you and your family. x

3:44 pm  
Blogger Emily said...

Im so very sorry to hear about your loss, i cant even begin to imagine what you are going through. You and your family are in my thoughts Becky.

Huge hugs, Emily xx

3:49 pm  
Anonymous francoise said...

Becky, I have just caught up with reading blogs and I must tell you how very sorry I am. It is a blessing that you have your little Jacob to console you. All my thoughts are with you. Take care!

1:09 am  

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