Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Service Interupted

I am afraid to say that our computer is sick - it has gone off to the hospital to be nurtured back to life - but it's touch and go - they think they can rebuild it, but it will take some time. So you know those posts that have been somewhat irregular ? they might get even more irregular if that is possible !

Thank you for all your lovely comments on Lizzy - I love her - she was an easy quick knit and looks like she was hard work because of all the colour ! A real good cheat and to boot, I feel glam in her !

I am very happy today for two reasons - firstly I have made progress with Manhattan - I actually picked her up finished the buttonhole band and collar and sewed them on and the sewed on the first sleeve - you have to be so careful when finishing moss stitch I find, because any mistakes in the sewing show up right away - anyway first sleeve looks good, now all I need to do is get the second sleeve on and tackle that terrifying crochet.

Secondly, last night whilst we were out looking for shoes for Jacob (I'm very worried about his feet, you can't get any fitted shoes here at all - everyone just tries on any old pair and if they look OK go for it - no-one care whether they fit or not ! - I think bulk shoe buying in the UK may be required), I came across a little shop that sells cotton yarn, buttons and all manner of bits and pieces - I was so excited - unfortuanately I didn't get to stop and have a look and I think that may have to wait until after Christmas when I have a little time to myself, but I can hold the knowledge close to my heart and bring it out every now and then and know that there is at least a degree of haberdashery and yarn here that I will have acess to - all I had seen before that was 100% yuk neon acrylic !

Right I had better go - it's late and I need to go home, I'm in an internet cafe in case you were wondering !