Monday, November 07, 2005

In Lieu of Going Silent .....

I thought I would steal a little item from Becks' blog and make it my own - thanks Becks ! So here we go

have you ever...
1. smoked a cigar - no
2. crashed a friend’s car - no
3. stolen a car - no
4. been in love - yes
5. been dumped - yes
6. dumped someone - yes
7. taken shots of alcohol - yes
8. been fired – no
9. been in a fist fight - no
10. snuck out of a/your house - yes
11. had feelings for someone who didn’t have them back- yes
12. been arrested - no
13. made out with a stranger - yes
14. gone on a blind date - no
15. lied to a friend - yes
16. had a crush on a teacher- no
18. seen someone die - no
19. been on a plane - yes
20. thrown up in a bar - yes
22. miss someone right now - yes
23. laid on your back and watched cloud shapes go by - yes
24. made a snow angel - yes
25. played dress up - yes
26. cheated while playing a game - yes
27. been lonely - yes
28. fallen asleep at work/school - yes
29. used a fake id - no
30. felt an earthquake - no
31. touched a snake - yes
32. run a red light - yes
33. had detention - yes
34. been in a car accident - yes
35. hated the way you look - yes
37. been lost - yes
38. been to the opposite side of the country - yes
39. felt like dying - no
40. cried yourself to sleep - yes
41. played cops and robbers - only with Jacob !
42. karaoke - yes
43. done something you told yourself you wouldn’t - yes
44. laughed till some kind of beverage came out of your nose- yes
45. caught a snowflake on your tongue - yes
46. kissed in the rain - yes
47. sang in the shower - yes
48. made love in a park - almost
49. had a dream that you married someone - yes
50. glued your hand to something - no
51. got your tongue stuck to a flag pole - no
52. worn the opposite sex’s clothes - yes
53. Been a cheerleader – no
54. sat on a roof top - yes
55. talked on the phone all night - yes
56. ever too scared to watch scary movies alone – yes
57. played chicken fight - ?
58. been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on - yes
59. been told you’re hot by a complete stranger - yes
60. broken a bone - no
61. had a 3-some? - no
62. dipped snuff? - no
63. lived overseas - yes
64. Ever passed out/fainted? - yes
65. blown bubbles in the wintertime - yes

I don't know if that is interesting or not, but hey - it's better than disappearing right ?

Well I have been doing knitting. I have finished all the component parts for Manhattan, I just need to block her and then start the finishing, which involves the dreaded crochet - I'm not too sure how I'm going to get on with that ! I didn't have the right sized crochet hook so I thought I'd order one from Kangaroo as I was ordering the rest of the Noro Silk Garden I needed to knit Lizzy, and the circular needle I need to knit my Mum's Ballerina. Well it came on Saturday and it is huge - I now realise why it said 30cms by the description, it just didn't click before I don't think I was paying attention - so I actually think this could be a good thing - I may find it a bit easier to hold something that long instead of dropping the hook all the time, which is what I seem to do with the shorter ones.

I have also started a Clapotis in my HipKnits silk in the Surf colourway. It's looking lovely and is going to be fabulous for sitting in an air conditioned car after a day at the beach, or maybe for keeping my shoulders warm in the cinema - I can't wait to get it finshed - although I'm getting a bit ahead of myself, I'm only on the first section ! I've a way to go and Manhattan to finish. Still, I did ask for this yarn for my birthday to knit this very item and since we found out we are moving to Oman I have faltered several times and thought maybe I should knit something else, but the silk just seems to suit the Clapotis pattern so well, and I think it's going to be wonderful, I'm glad I decided to stick by my original plan. I have to say though, I have just seen the most gorgeous cashmere Clapotis here and if I were staying in England I think I would re-mortgage my house to get the yarn to make one of those, it's gorgeous and it does look just like lavender fields, I'll bet it's super cosy as well. Oh well, another time perhaps !

I have started the packing this weekend - not in any huge way, but we have only got just over two weeks until we are leaving and I've got a friend coming down to stay this week, so I really need to make some progress. Everything just needs sorting, and it's boring and laborious and I'd rather be out meeting friends that I'm not going to see for some while to come, or frankly knitting Manhattan, so that I don't leave under a cloud of guilt that I couldn't get it finished in time ! Still, the packing needs to be done and hopefully I can rope my friend into helping me, although this week is also the week of jabs and hypnotherapy for my fear of flying, so how much spare time there is going to be for chatting, shopping and enjoying ourselves, I'm not sure - still it will just be nice to see her and I'm sure she isn't afraid of a bit of hard work ! I think I'll start her on that pesky shed !

Well got to get ready to take Jacob to the barbers now - I thought I would combine that with a trip to Boots to get stocked up on children's medicine - I don't mind being without adult medicine, but if I don't have Nurofen for children, I just know I'll need it and not be able to get hold of it, so it's time to stock up - it's going to cost a fortune !


Blogger Sharon said...

Loved reading your answers to all those interesting questions. Packing yuck, I dread having to pack to simply go on holidays let alone moving, hope your friend can help, doing something with a friend is a lot less of a chore and you can have fun at the same time. My kids school fair is coming up and Hayden is in the same class as one of his cousins so my SIL and I are going to have a baking day together so that it can be a bit more enjoyable.

All the best with it anyway, and just think you are another step closer to being with your man xxx

2:27 am  
Blogger SweetPeaknits said...

Thanks for visiting my blog.

What an excitingly long post. Your wip list is fabulous. I especially love Lizzy, can't wait to see it finished!!

Such exciting new ventures ahead for you, except the packing of course. I look forward to reading all about them.

1:30 pm  
Blogger becks said...

can't believe you have such little time left! hope it's all going really well for you. i see you're fleeing just as we're on the verge of 'the coldest winter ever'! good timing...!

let me know how your clapotis goes, i have some hipknits silk for one too but christmas knitting is getting in the way!

so glad or the internet and that although you're moving miles away we'll still keep in touch :)

4:52 pm  
Blogger KnitYoga said...

Hi Becky,
Reading about your WIPs, what gorgeous choices you've made! Hope your packing/moving goes well. Thanks for your comment on Ruffles. I think that one in the blue sky alpaca would be beautiful as you say.

4:40 pm  
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