Sunday, October 02, 2005

Where do you belong ?

I like this

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I have been wearing my Cotton Angora cardy today - and let me tell you I am COVERED in fluff - does anyone have any ideas about how I can minimise this - it is so bad that I am considering relegating the cardy to only round the house with jeans wear and that is just a shame - I just hate wearing a nice brown Gap top and getting covered in blue fluff within minutes - it looks ridiculous.

It looks like my friend Jane, is about to have her baby, so I'm off to knit like mad, I'm almost finished two things for her, but not almost enough to give them to her - hold on Jane, just keep that little man in there a little longer if it isn't inconvenient !


Blogger becks said...

my mum always says that you should put things that shed fluff in the freezer overnight. i have no idea whether it works, but give it a go!
hope all's well :)

1:50 am  
Blogger becks said...

ps. apparently i belong in london - good to know i'm in the right place!!

1:52 am  
Blogger C x said...

I love angora but I have yet to find any brand that does not leave its mark all over everything it touches.

The freezer thing cetainly works when knitting with the stuff, but as soon as the yarn is back to room temperature I find it goes back to its usual shedding self.

The only thing that I have found makes any difference is time,and a couple of washes. Heck its got to stop shedding at some point else it will just disappear.

Hope it starts behaving for you soon

4:05 pm  

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