Monday, August 22, 2005

I'm looking forward to this

I have just found out about this book, it isn't out until next year, but I will definately be getting a copy. I am a size 16 and my Mum is a good size 18 and we both find it really hard to find patterns that are flattering on us. There are so many patterns that I see that look just gorgeous and then when you look at the details they just don't go up to the right size - well they do just - but they will be a tight fit, or unflattering - I know I could adapt them, but I've never really done that before and I'd be so worried I'd get it wrong and waste my money on the yarn. So this seems like a really good idea to me - I think I'll probably get the Rowan one as well, but I have to say it will be more for my Mum than me, it looks a little bit fuddy duddy - why is it that in Rowan's eyes anyone over a size 14 shouldn't be wearing anything vaguely fashionable. Still hopefully with the way I'm going, come next year I'll be back to a size 12/14 and I'll be able to knit anything I like from the Rowan books !!!

I purchased a copy of Anna's lovely Claude pattern last night, and I'm dying to get started on it - I've got a cone of pink yarn sitting in my drawer calling out to me - how can I resist ? Oh I'll do the ironing, cleaning and changing of beds later - honest I will !


Blogger Fred said...

Have you seen the Dawn French Big Knits book?

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