Wednesday, August 24, 2005

How Cool ......

....... are these wellies ?

Wellies Posted by Picasa

I just bought them for Jacob and I thought they were so gorgeous I had to share them with you - I love finding something a bit different for him - I hate him having the exact same shoes / clothes etc as the person standing next to him at Playgroup - I always go out of my way to try and get slightly unusual things for him and I think he looks all the more gorgeous for it !

Why am I buying wellies ? It's August I hear you say - Have you looked out of the window - it is tipping it down - all Jacob had was summer shoes, so I had to take him to Russell and Bromley this morning to get new winter boots as well as these wellies - he's al kitted out now and the sun will probably return tomorrow - still he's dying to go out splashing in his new boots ! He loves the rain. All I have to do now is get myself some wellies so that I don't get soaked through to the socks every time we go out in the rain - I quite fancy a pair of those lovely red Hunter wellies I've seen around - does anyone know anywhere that does them cheaply I am simply not prepared to pay Russell and Bromley between £50 - £60 for a pair of wellies - call me cheap !


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'm on a wellie hunt too! i want shiney red ones, although i wouldn't mind a pair like jacobs either... they're adorable!
sp x

1:13 am  
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