Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Change of Scene

Has anyone ever been to Oman ? well it looks like we are ! James has been offered a job over there and it just seems like too good an offer to turn down. We have both lived abroad before, but never with Jacob, obviously, so it's going to be different this time. I'm kind of nervous and excited at the same time. I can't seem to find out that much information about what it is like to live in Oman, but the bits I have found sound good. I'm worried about the heat - I'm worried how Jacob will cope - I'm worried about making new friends in strange places - strangely I'm not worried about the day to day stuff like where am I going to do the shopping etc.

I don't suppose there will be that much call for knitting in Oman. Still I have got my new programme and my lovely Hip Knits silk and I plan to make myself something spectacular that I can wear in the searing heat ! I think I may have to just get cotton yarn from now on ! Still I will be coming back, so I'll still need cardies etc.

I'm going to be going yet - James is going to be going by 15 September and Jacob and I will follow after once we have sorted out the house, and all our belongings - so we probably won't go until some time in November. I'm going to miss James enormously, especially since he has been around a lot recently 'cause he's been working from home. Jacob is going to miss his Daddy and I think it's going to be hard to explain to him where he is - still with the wonders of technology we can Skype and webcam each other, so it shouldn't be too bad, and to be honest I think I'll be so busy, my head will be in a spin.

On top of all of this, I hate to fly. I don't mean, I don't really like it, I mean I'm terrified of it - so the idea of taking a flight with just Jacob really scares me - I'm going to go and see a hypnotherapist and see if she can help me - I hope she can - otherwise it's eight hours of trying to hide my sheer terror from a two and a half year old. I hate the fact that I'm terrified of flying - I never used to be and it uses up just too much enegy - where did this fear come from ? I wish it would just go away - it's just a bore really - still hopefully I'll be cured soon.

So it's all change for me and not much progress on the knitting front - I have been doing Jacob's little cardy, I'm trying to get it finished so he can at least have some use out of it before we leave - still I think in the winter in Oman you can still need a cardy in the evenings - so it may come in useful afterall - but I think I'll put that wool polo neck on the back burner !


Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow!!!! what news!!! that's so exciting for you! scary too, i'm sure, but it will be amazing for you all. i moved and lived in holland (not oman, i know!) whilst i was growing up and it was such a great thing to happen to me. it really opens your eyes to the wider world. plus the most intelligent, mature people i knew were the ones who had lived in lots of different cultures growing up. it will be brilliant for jacob, if not your knitting ;) how exciting!!!
your sp x

2:10 am  
Anonymous Andrea said...

I'm so envious Becky. It is my eternal dream to move to somewhere with a hotter climate. I'm sure you will have a great time and like you say at this time of great technology ... keeping in touch with those at "home" is not too difficult.
If you find out about any jobs out there in the psychology/community care sector drop me a line:)

Hope you will keep up the blog anyway and let us know all about it.

9:57 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello becky,
guess what? i just read the sp5 website and it said i could reveal who i am! so, look out for your last parcel, and in it i'll tell you who i am... i'm just waiting on one last thing to arrive, but if it hasn't come by the end of the week i'll post it anyway and send the other thing on.
hope you're feeling well and happy about everything - i still can't believe you're going to oman! isn't it great that you'll still be able to keep in touch with everyone though?
will be in touch soon,
your not-so-secret-soon sp x

2:18 am  
Blogger littlelixie said...

That's amazing - was it totally out of the blue like that? You seem very calm to me! You will keeo blogging though right?!

8:03 pm  
Blogger Sharon said...

Wow just when I thought I had found a new friend in the UK I am actually going to have a new friend in Oman, that is so awesome and scary for you at the same time I bet, but what a wonderful experience for you all, and I am sure Jacob will be ok kids adapt so much better than adults. Oh yes as littlelixie said you must keep blogging. Do they have yarn stores there?? I don't suppose there is much of a demand for wool, you can still knit socks in summer, well that is what a lot of Aussies knit here in Summer.

Anyway take care and I will talk to you soon XXX

Yes I peeked, I couldn't help myself!!!! You must be dying to know who has been spoiling you also? I am going to spend my weekend reading your blog and getting to know YOU Becky it seems like I have a lot of catching up to do.

7:32 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey that will be a change for you. Living abroad with children I think is easier as you make friends quickly through them via Moms groups etc. Re the flying - yes I know how you feel. I too have recently become terrified of flying and for what reason I do not know. I too live abroad and fly home to the UK (11 hour flight)at least once a year with the kids. It got so bad I finally went to the Dr. who gave me some very mild tranquilizers. I was totally against them at first - but finally after yet another very traumatic flight I broke down and took just 1 - and it worked wonderfully. I don't want to be knocked out completely because of the kids but these just to take away the fear/palpitations/panic etc. Do go to the Dr's - it makes flying an almost pleasure again for me.

6:34 pm  
Anonymous francoise said...

Exciting news! How long will you be there for? I sincerely hope you'll keep blogging and tell us all about your new life. It certainly looks as if it will be cotton knitting for a while. You'd better start stocking up!!!

12:01 am  
Blogger Emily said...

Wow such exciting news! Please keep blogging i want to hear all about it once you get there and see the photos! Hope you find a solution to your flying dilema and it turns out to be ok. Keep us updated!

8:27 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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