Monday, September 26, 2005

Welcome to the House of Fun !

Well - what a day I had yesterday. I went to the most wonderful place in the world and it was called Loop ! I brushed shoulders with Debbie Bliss, I met up with my Secret Pal 5 buddie and we had a lovely day. I felt so cool being a knitter in Loop - it's that kind of place - hey knitting's cool and everyone should know it - not often you feel like that rather than - look at that wierdo knitting in public - what a granny ! Still knitting is uber cool now apparently - and judging by the prices of some of the admittedly delightful little pieces in there - in demand.

The lovely Becks (of secret pal 5 fame) showed me her knitting technique in the local Slug and Lettuce, where we had a slight run in with cigarette smoke. Her technique could not be more different from mine, but I am determined to have a go at it, it seems to work so much better for socks, which I have had such trouble with in the past - I am going to get to the bottom of socks, if it's the last thing I do - so many other people seem to have such fun doing them and I want a piece of that action ! She also gave me the most amazing haul of books for Jacob and he loves them all - thank you so much again, I'm almost as excited about those as I am about the bits I bought !

So all in all, a lovely day, great to have an afternoon to myself to talk about knitting, there is something so theraputic about it don't you think - sharing time with other knitters and getting excited about the same things !

So, what did I get, well here it is :

Loop stash enhancement Posted by Picasa

That Rebecca magazine is absolutely stuffed full of fabulous children's patterns, there are loads of things in there I would like to knit and the majority of them will not go out of fashion, so I think I'll use this one a lot - I would want to though - it was rather expensive £8.99 for a magazine is quite a lot methinks - but hey - this might be my last stash enhancement opportunity for some while to come - well, probably not, but I'm using that as my excuse.

The yarn is beautiful Blue Sky Cotton - it's so soft and apparently wonderfully easy to sling in the washing machine - I am planned a little jumper for Jacob to wear mainly on the plane to Oman - I wanted something, light, warm, cosy and with no acrylic in, so this is ideal - all I need to do know is master the pattern, which will be this

Lovely little jumper Posted by Picasa

I am planning it in the orange with a brown stripe - somehow, not sure yet, I need to have a play. I am unsure how easy this is going to be to achieve, since the pattern is knitted in the round from the armholes up and I'm not too good with circular needles - Becks you know why ! Still I'll give it a go and if it doesn't work out there are several other patterns in the magazine that I could do instead.

Well that's me - still waiting to sell the house - still slogging on with several bits of knitting, a couple of which I can't talk about here - yet - so I'm off, have a good day.