Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I Luuuuuurve My Clapotis

Well I do - she is just gorgeous. She drapes beautifully, she is wonderfully soft and the colour just shines and shimmers - I am in love. So here without further ado, she is, adorning my ample shoulders and I lean against my monstermobile !

I am sorry that I have been absent for a little while, I have been rather poorly with tonsillitus - it was a very nasty dose indeed and I have now got some very strong anti-biotics which are doing the trick nicely - I am feeling much better now - just rather exhausted.

I started my Mum's Hanne Falkenberg Ballerina cardy the other day and then felt so dreadful I had to put it down, too poorly to knit - it must have been serious I hear you say ! I hope to pick it up again in the next couple of days - maybe tomorrow, Jacob is starting at nursery tomorrow - I hope he likes it, it's going to be odd for him, he is still getting used to the fact that people look and dress differently over here - no matter what I say I don't seem to be able to persuade him that we are all the same really - still he'll get there - I just hope nursery isn't too much exposure for him. After that we all have four days off together, which is going to be wonderful, and awful, because I doubt I'll get any time at all for knitting.

I am getting on with my Noro Silk Garden Lizzy and she do be beautiful I must say - I need to get her finished sooner rather than later before the weather starts to warm up and she has to be relegated to the wardrobe to be admired on a hanger or in air con only ! I was thinking that it might be nice to do something like this with the remained of my lovely Hip Knits silk - I am not sure that I will have enough, but I will see - I or maybe this Hannah little number. We shall see.

A friend of mine e:mailed me from Canada last night saying that since I was a knitting fiend would I help her design a nursing jumper (as in breast feeding) she said that she has been having terrible trouble finding one to suit and would like to get one knitted - or it herself. I've had a little look around for inspiration and it doesn't look like it's going to be terribly difficult - you just need to choose a yarn that is light and breathable and then do a double layer on the front with slits where your boobies would go. Any thoughts anyone let me know. I'm still pondering so I'm looking for suggestions.

Right I'm being booted off the pooter as DH needs to do boring work in order that we can have a four days off together.


Anonymous Emma said...

Beaautiful Clapotis. Fab colour.
Bloody big vehicle !!!

2:53 am  
Blogger Sharon said...

Sorry to hear that you have had tonsillitis, I used to suffer from it when I was younger (and when I was a smoker) it's horrid. So it isn't too hot to knit then? Enjoy your four days off and I hope that Jacob gets on ok at school, kids adapt pretty well.

7:09 am  
Blogger blueadt said...

Sorry to hear that you've been sick.

There is at least one pattern for a nursing cardigan in Baby Bloom by Erika Knight but I've never knitted it. I used to wear huge baggy jumpers & tuck my DD upside to keep her warm & me covered up!

5:02 pm  
Blogger SweetPeaknits said...

Hope your feeling alot better. Glad to read that Jacob had a good first day at nursery. Its freezing here, I had to chip the frost off my car this morning, you definately moved at the right time. BTW Clapotis looks great.

12:04 am  
Anonymous francoise said...

Your clapotis looks great. Well done Becky. I am looking forward to see your Lizzy which is a great pattern.

3:35 am  
Blogger susoolu said...

That is a beautiful clapotis - the colour makes me think of mermaids, and clear tropical seas.

8:44 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Forget the Clapotis (which sounds faintly rude!)lets talk Falkenberg.
Wish you better
Love & Hugs

3:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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