Sunday, August 27, 2006

Oh Happy Day

I have just wound a skein of Colinette Giotto into a ball with no problems at all - I am one happy bunny. Whenever I have wound balls before I always have trouble - they ALWAYS get tangeled up and in a total mess, but this time - yippeeee - all was well - why ? because I stretched the skein between two kitchen chairs and made sure the tension was tight all the time and it worked - I feel stress free and happy to tackle the rest of the skeins that I have now ! Bring it on !

It was my Birthday on 23 August and I was 37 - I'm feeling very old ! James was talking about what we'll do on my 40th Birthday the other day and that made me panic slightly ! Still I had a lovely day - I was still sick from yet another throat infection - not sure if I mentioned that or not - oh yes I have had yet another throat infection and it's been horrid - I still haven't shaken it off. On my Birthday we had intended to go out to dinner, but I honestly didn't feel well enough so we stayed at home apart from popping out to get my birthday present (because I had to choose it). I decided on an ipod, so James bought me a 60GB video Ipod with a Bose docking station / speaker and a nifty gadget that allows me to listen to the Ipod in the car via the radio - it's fab - I'm so happy to be able to listen to all my music with no problems. I'm a very happy bunny indeed.

My Mum is getting me some new Addi knitting neeldles for my Birtday and I guess she'll send them to me once she's managed to get them for me - I'm very excited to get them - I've never knitted with Addi straights before, but if I have to knit with ciruclars I would chose Addi every time - so we shall see if the straights are as good.

James is back to work tomorrow, so his holiday is nearly over we are currently sitting on the sofa eating popcorn and watching Cinderella 2 (not a movie to be recommended I have to say - although we watched Hoodwinked recently and that was excellent). Jacob is off to start at his new school a week today - so I need to sort out his uniform etc and then I should have a little more needle time although I am determined to start exercising once he is back at school so I won't have all that much time I guess - we shall see, it will just be nice to have a bit of time to myself I have to say. It's been lovely to go home and see everyone and to come home and have James off for two weeks, but I yearn to get back to my routine and have some time on my own. I'm quite selfish like that - I need to be alone every now and then to feel human - I'm very unsociable !!!

Right off to knit some more on my Colinette cardi I think I'm going to love this one once it's done - it's looking gorgeous already. I'm nearly done on the girly poncho - I just need to do one last pom pom and then attach them and it's done - I hate making pom poms they take such a long time for such a silly little thing - I dislike all that trimming and I can never seem to get them as perfect as I would like - ho hum perhaps I need to lower my standards ? No Never it can not be done !


Blogger Sharon said...

Happy Birthday, hope you are over the throat infection soon and you can celebrate properly. Great present, I have put an order in for an ipod for my birthday this year.

The scary thing is I do turn 40 next month and I want the next few weeks to go very slow!!

I always wind my wool, using 2 chairs but even then I still have a hank of yarn that doesn't want to play nice :(

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