Sunday, June 25, 2006


Look, look - that there Ballerina is almost done. She's blocking

I am so glad that I blocked this one before I knitted the cuffs. The pattern calls for 13 ridges on the bottom of the cuff - which is about 10 cm and after blocking her it is easy to see that she needs no more than 5 ridges - only a couple of cm. What a relief. If I had done the cuffs first it would have been way too long and my Mum would never have worn it.

This has been a really special knit for me. I started it when I moved to Oman, carried on when I found out I was pg and then through loosing my twins at 15 weeks. It has really helped me through a period of emotional and physical healing and it means a lot to me - I hope it will mean a lot to my Mum and that she will wear it and think of me. I'm sure she'll love it - I do - if she doesn't want it I'll have it !

Hanne Falkenberg kit observations would have to include -

The patterns are badly written / translated - it is so not clear what you are supposed to be doing a lot of the time and you have to use of a lot intuition. Which can be fun as well as frightening !

The text on the pattern is teeny tiny - really hard to read and on rubbish paper. I got a bit of water on mine and the pattern smudged, I couldn't read a bit and so had to post on the knit along to anyone else that had this pattern to help me out !

I had loads of yarn left over, so I think I might do my Mum a scarf to go with the cardy - not yet though - I'm running out of time.

The pattern was very difficult indeed - the most complicated thing I have done to date even though it is in garter stitch - there is a lot going on and you really have to concentrate to keep it all together. Plus of course - it's on 3mm circular needles - I must have been mad !

Don't be put of by one of these kits - as long as you concentrate and read the pattern really carefully you'll be fine !

I'll try to get a photo of my Mum wearing her Ballerina - but I'm not sure how successful I'll be !


Blogger Sharon said...

Becky that is a beautiful knit, a labour of love I would call it. It has seen you through some tough times, I am sure your Mum will love it.

Thanks for looking for the Pony needles, I have found an on line store in the US that stock them. The knitting group I belong to are all compiling our orders so that we can hopefully save on a bit of postage.

3:45 am  
Blogger littlelixie said...

That is divine. I keep being tempted by her kits whenever I have a bit of cash handy but it ends up being the colour choice that puts me off. Maybe I'll take the plunge for my birthday!

You sure have had a tough year. Nietzche said 'That which does not kill us makes us stronger' but I know it doesn't seem like that at the time. Completing such a complicated project with all that going on is a real achievement. I think you're great!

10:52 am  
Blogger Frances Goodman فرانسيس said...

Thanks for the observations. I'm about to begin this kit. I agree, having mostly finished a Mermaid, that her patterns are weirdly written.
Great work, and I like your Oman blog.

7:22 am  
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Anonymous Sharon said...

Becky, I'm just starting on Ballerina, so I appreciate your cautions and advice. The end result is so lovely will be worth the extra effort.

7:08 am  
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