Friday, October 05, 2007

Clapotis Crisis

So I have been merrily knitting my latest Clapotis - as you know I haven't been doing much knitting recently so I thought a nice Cashmere Clapotis would be just the job to get me back into the swing of things - and so it has proven to be - I have really enjoyed it - except for one thing - I have run out of yarn arghhhh - I suspected it might happen when I started it didn't feel like I had enough yarn, but I had that with the last one I knitted for a friend of mine and I was just fine - not so this time.

The yarn that I am using is Hipknits Cashmere Aran in the Summer Pudding colourway - I have e:mailed Hipknits to ask if they happen to have any more lying about, but since it isn't on the website any more I am very much afeared that they are going to say no - what shall I do with a three quarter finished clapotis that I can't wear and is taking up a very nice pair of Brittany Birch needles ?!

So if you know of anyone that may just have 50g or so of this yarn lying around, could you please let me know. Obviously I am going to have to get any yarn I need sent to me here in Oman and since we are currently in Ramadan that could take ages and ages - I want to finish this clapotis so that I can wear it to keep me toasty warm when we come back to the UK for a holiday this Christmas - I need to find some of this yarn as soon as possible - please, pretty please, can anyone help me ?

If I manage to get it finished I promise to post more and I promise to post a picture of the lovely item - it's gorgeous I promise - you won't be disappointed - is my blackmail working ?!

I have also knitted the first sock of a pair from some lovely wool that my Mum bought me for Christmas last year - it is Aretsano Alpaca Humming Bird and it is knitting up into the most scrummy socks - again for the UK I think rather than here although the weather is cooling down a bit now and I may be able to get a little use out of them - we have had a couple of mornings last week where the temperature in the morning was 29 degrees - lovely. Roll on winter.

On the baby front - Oscar is just gorgeous. He rolled from his front to his back for the first time yesterday and we were so excited - especially Jacob - he loves his little brother - or Strudel as he calls him. The only problem that we are having is that Oscar is not so keen on sleeping in his cot during the day. So I am taking a week out of life next week to go to BABY BOOTCAMP and get him sorted. I feel a stressful week coming on, but it needs to be done - he just isn't getting good quality day time sleep cat napping wherever we are and it is affecting his night time sleep - he was sleeping from 7pm until 4am no probs, now he is sleeping from 7pm until about 1 am and then from 1am until 4am and then on until morning and I really think it is because he isn't getting enough sleep in the day - anyway - we shall see.

So I promise to post some pictures soon - I am well aware that my blog is super boring at the moment, but in my defence I have been knitting and I have been looking after a baby oh and I have got into Facebook - it is horribly addictive I may need an intervention !!!


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