Saturday, February 21, 2009

Life is Poo

Well it is - really - sometimes just poo. My DH has been made redundant through no fault of his own. He left a nice secure job on the promise of lots of interesting work with another company and the work never materialised - he sat around being bored for six months and has now been made redundant. I am quite bitter about it to be honest. I feel we were conned into moving when it wasn't really necessary.

Anyway - to cheer myself up I did this little Meme thing. You go to Google and type in "unfortunately (and then your name)" - don't forget the inverted commas and then you post your favourite results - so mine are as follows;

Unfortunately, Becky is unable to complete the race

Unfortunately, Becky, in her state, can't get into the loft. Well, she can. But you have to give her a damn good shove from below

Unfortunately, Becky’s husband, Herb, wasn't quite as enthusiastic. “His harsh words were, ‘Have you lost your mind?

unfortunately, Becky, unlike Christine, was strong-willed and self-assertive

unfortunately Becky suffers from surprise nose bleeding disease

Unfortunately, Becky! does not integrate a spam filter and lacks index search

Unfortunately, Becky offers no assistance sealing the deal at the end of the night

Over and out !


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi becky, you get yarn in Al Khuwair. there's a shop near Rawasco, Al Khuwair. Rawasco is an important landmark there.

1. Take your right when hit the madinth quaboos signal which is just after the british council.

2. you will then get another signal. take your left from that signal.

3. then you will head towards another signal. you have to take left to go over the bridge.

4. then you are gonna hit another signal at the end of the bridge. go to your right from there.

5. then you will get a small round about. turn towards the left of that round about and you can park in any of that area to your right side, where you will find a photo studio, muscat pharmacy etc. please ask anyone there. or just walk a bit left from the studio.

thank you. that shop has been there for so many get everything in oman...if you struck again with anything, you can post your question in oman forum and everyone will help ya....have a good week..hope kids are fine...thank you

11:57 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, Melody didn't inherit any of her mother's charm. She comes across as a whiny, ungrateful, self-pitying little brat who needs a spanking.

Unfortunately Melody's family had no guns when they fell foul of pirates so Melody became just another orphan.

Thanks for cheering me up, My DH has just been made redundant, and I came across your blog through a google search, you have really taken my mind off things. x

3:20 am  

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