Sunday, June 20, 2010

Summer Holidays !

So it is the summer holidays - yeah !!!! Jacob broke up from school on Wednesday and we are on the count down to our trip back to the UK - which will commence on 7 July in case you were wondering. Oscar is still at nursery until the end of June - so Jacob and I are having a few mornings together, which is just lovely as we very rarely get to spend any time alone these days - how do you manage the "give each child their own special time with you" thing, when you have two children and no time ?

Anyway, whilst most of you in the UK and maybe the US I'm not sure - are dreaming of exotic beach holidays, with sun, sea, sand and general summeryness - what you can see above is what we are all dreaming of ! It is HOT here at the moment. It is not only the temperature, which is bad enough - up to 45 degrees and sometimes a little above that - it is the humidity, which can be 78% at 7am, which is just downright unpleasant. It matters not what you wear, or how gorgeous you look in your summer dress and sandals in your bedroom mirror, you will look like a soggy frizzball within minutes of leaving the house. If you wear glasses, you will not be able to see when you leave a building because your glasses will immediately fog up so badly you can't see out of them ! You will not be able to go to the beach, because the sand is so hot it will give you third degree burns if you try to walk on it and really it's best just to try not to leave the house at all. So, if you have to children, what do you do ?

I tend to buy lots of activity books - and I find Klutz do the best of all I just bought one called "The Only Colouring, Puzzle, Game, Dot to Dot, Activity Book You Will Ever Need" and it is fantastic. These books seriously keep Jacob entertained for ages - that and Where's Wally, well you can't beat Where's Wally can you. We do watch far too much TV in the summer I have to say, otherwise I think there would be murder afoot in our house. We try to go swimming as much as we can, but we can only stay at the pool for two hours at the most - no chance of getting a tan then !

However, today I have been to Nirvana and it is called an indoor play centre ! Muscat has been calling out for a place like this for years, I mean we have been here for nearly five years now and we have desperately needed one. It's a simple concept, there used to be loads of them where we live in the UK, it is just one of those large indoor areas, with lots of slides, and padded areas for the children to throw themselves around on. Being as this one is at the Shangri La it also has a section with Wii and Imac computers for them to play on, but it's the huge slide that is the talk of the town. I forsee many a visit to this place never mind that it is about 45 minutes drive away (this in a town where you are never more than 10 minutes from anywhere) and it costs nearly 7 pounds per child for a 2 hour session - I don't care. It is indoor, it is air conditioned and my children can throw themselves around in crazy fashion and if I'm really lucky fall asleep on the long journey home. So thank you Shangri La - I love you !

So I'm off now - Jacob is poorly today, he just slept for 4 hours in the middle of the day and refused food for most of the day, both of which are very out of character, so I know he wasn't feeling well. Now he is sitting on the sofa eating toast and I am wondering what time he'll go to bed tonight - not the usualy 7pm I wouldn't think given that he only woke up at 6.15pm - could be a long night !



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