Thursday, June 17, 2010

So .....

I have been thinking. All about this blog business. I am really not knitting that much at all at the moment. There is really no call for it here - I mean frankly at the moment the temperature most days is around 45 degrees C - who needs a nice cardy or a wrap ? I knit the odd thing for babies, little cardies, blankets etc, and I am knitting quite a lot at the moment because I have a few things to finish before we go back to the UK for the summer, but usually the knitting is not happening so much just now. So I was thinking - do I just let my blog go, give it up and let it die a death - or do I re-purpose it (a phrase that is very much of the moment) ? Anyway I have decided that I don't want to let it die. I used to post here nearly every day and I enjoyed it immensely and I would like to get back to doing it more often. The content won't be knitting focused - that is for sure. However I would like to post about things that I read, things that I do and things that matter to me. Maybe you'll read it and maybe you won't but hopefully I'll enjoy doing it and it will be a good record of things I have been up to and how I have been feeling.

So, I shall start the new - re-purposed blog with a few photos of things that we have been up to recently.

Firstly - a little photo of my new PJ's. I love new PJ's and have been looking for a nice pair for ages. These are, I have to say, near perfect for me. They are comfortable, cool and flattering - what do you think ?

They are from La Senza - which is a shop that has only just opened up here in the last couple of months and I love them so much that I am seriously considering going and getting another pair, even though I don't like the idea of having two of anything - but man, they are comfortable.

Secondly - we have a picture of something that has been causing quite a furore (I am not sure how you speel that word !) amongst my Facebook friends. Jesus sandals. I first read about them over on The Women's Room, (one of my most fav blogs by the way) I had to ask my Facebook buddies what they thought. 99.9% said - no way - that they reminded them of their old school teachers etc, many a joke was made about never having to shave your legs again, being able to wear polyester skirts and aran jumpers - but you know - I quite like them I have seen them worn in a super funky way (at That's Not My Age - also a fab blog, picture below). So anyway, I want a pair - what do you think ? Cool or lame ?

The next thing I would like to tell you about is an annual event here in Muscat - it's called Mangomania !!! and I love it ! Each year the very large local supermarket here called Lulus' (I know, crazy name !) has a Mango festival. Now, if you thought a mango is a mango - oh you were wrong, wrong, wrong !! There are many many different varieties of mango available and at Lulu's during Mangomania, they sell them all. I adore mangos and DH used to get a whole crate of them from a contractor every year, we used to make mango ice cream out of them - yum yum, sadly he has moved job now and no longer gets the mango perks that he used to - however I still have Lulu's to turn to at a time of Mango need and boy do they deliver !!! So here is a picture of the display at the entrace to Lulu's at Mango time - yummmy !!

Lastly - I have a picture of me and my little Oscar this morning. DH and I always go out for breakfast together on a Thursday morning, alone, without children, I know miraculous isn't it - well it's only because we have a lovely maid that works on a Thursday morning (oh in case you think I've gone potty, Thursday and Friday are our weekend). Anyway, this morning we had to take Jacob to a friend's house and we felt too guilty leaving little Oscar at home alone, so we took him with us. We had breakfast together at Starbucks and then went down the Souk to get a few bits that we need before our trip back to the UK this summer, that's a whole other post. He was wonderful, he has been ill all week and this was his first trip out of the house, by the time we had finished he was knackered and passed out in the car - 45 degrees and no AC at the Souk would do that to you !! Still here he is first thing this morning - did I mention how much I love my boys, they are fabulous !!!

So, that is the first post of my new blog - I hope you like it. I may fiddle with the look at little some time soon, after all I have looked the same for a very long time now and well, that's just boring !!! I am glad that I have decided to start blogging more on varied topics and I hope you are too.



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