Thursday, September 30, 2010

Outfit Envy

So in most of the rest of the world, it's autumn. I'll admit it I'm jealous. Autumn is my favourite time of year. The colour of the leaves, the fresh cool air, the jumpers, the log fires and brisk chilly walks in the fresh air. I love it, I love knitting in autumn, I love being outside in autumn, I love being inside in autumn and I especially love the autumn clothes. Chunky jumpers, jeans, boots etc etc, the list goes on. Sadly, here in my part of the world, autumn does not exist. I miss it every year and to be honest this is the hardest time of year for me being an expat. I always feel homesick between now and Christmas - I want to be in the lovely chilly weather, wearing lovely woolly jumpers and boots, sooooooooo much. Unfortunately it's not to be. Many is the year I have tried to persuade James that it would be a good idea for me to go back to the UK on my own for a week, he has yet to agree to the wonderfullness of this idea - I can't imagine why !!!

So anyway, browsing around some lovely blogs and seeing peoples fab autumn outfits I came upon Une Femme d'un Certain Age - I read this blog fairly regularly and love looking at the wonderful outfits she puts together. However there is one outfit that stands out for me, head and shoulders above everything else. Here it is

If I were living in a cooler climate this is sooooo what I would be wearing. I love the idea of the long sleeved top under a short sleeved jumper and those shoes - ooooooh to die for.

I am finding it increasingly difficult to look stylish in the hot weather and honestly hot weather clothes are not that forgiving on the figure. When I was in England on my summer holiday and the weather was cool I felt much better about the way I looked because I could layer to my heart's content. However here - it's still above 30 degrees most days and it's difficult to look chic and stylish when one is hot and sweaty - I want to be wearing scarves and jumpers and jackets and boots and skirts and tights, but I can't and I feel deprived.

If you live in a hot climate - how do you keep looking cool and stylish whilst managing all the school runs, after school activities, shopping in at least three supermarkets and cooking everything from scratch - all the time ? I'm just not sure how to do it - I want to wear heels and look chic - however I fear this will not come to pass any time soon. Perhaps I need to investigate the possibility of doing a stint in Iceland - there has got to be some great knitted goods there. Mmmmmm food for thought !


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