Monday, January 10, 2011

What I've Been Wearing

Once again - life got in the way and I haven't posted what I've been wearing recently - December really was a mad month, we had all the Christmas stuff going on of course and I also booked a table to sell my wares at the school Christmas Fair. It was hard work I have to say, I made loads of jars of chutneys, also beanbags, and Christmas decorations - it was great fun, but I don't think I would do it again, mainly because it meant that I didn't get to go around the Fair with my boys, the went to see Santa with their Dad and had a fab time but I missed it all and I was sad about that - so if I do do another Fair this year, it won't be the school one - I'm still deciding if I want to do this again, I'll see. Whilst on the subject of visiting Santa I just have to tell you that someone we know was playing Santa and he told me afterwards that he thought that our children were the most lovely that he saw on the night - apparently, Jacob told Santa that all he wanted for Christmas was to be with his family and Oscar wanted all his families to be robots !!! Gotta love those gorgeous kids !

Without further ado then, here is what I have been wearing recently.

This was for an evening out at the house of some friends just before Christmas - I really liked this outfit, it felt dressy but very comfortable and that's important you can't deny it ! The top is from a department store here called Centrepoint - I actually bought this and a sparkly jacket and when I got to the till the guy told me that all items from that section of the store were buy one get one free so I got to go and choose two more items for free !!! So, I got this top in black and purple, the sparkly jacket and a black stretchy bandage style skirt - bargain !!! The jeans are from H & M and are quite wide legged with a fab button detail down the front. The shoes are from Totem and are not as comfortable as they look but are gorgeous nonetheless. The earrings are quite old ones from Monsoon - here is a close up of them - I love them, the really smarten up an outfit.

This was my Boxing Day outfit. We went to the house of some other friends of ours for an afternoon of games - it was great fun - racing toy camels, penalty shoot out, chopstick eating races, animal charades and Christmas Scattegories - we had a great time and really appreciated all the effort that was put in by our good buddies - thank you guys.

This outfit features most of my Christmas presents in one go ! I got some fabulous cowboy style boots that you can just see sticking out of my jeans - you'll see a lot more of those I can promise you, I plan to wear them until I can stand the sweat no more and have to go back to flip flops again ! I also got the lovely blue top that I'm wearing for Christmas as well as the Lisa Leonard Necklace and the beaded necklace - they are all gorgeous and I was so happy with them all - thanks everyone.

Here - have a closer look at those lovely necklaces !!

Here we have my lovely boots again - see I told you you'd see a lot of them !

The jeans are my skinny jeans from Zara, the vest top is from New Look and the jumper from Totem - the scarf is from H & M and the necklaces are one from Lisa Leonard and the key one was a Christmas present from my lovely Sister in Law that a friend of hers made - isn't it gorgeous - want to get a better view ? oh OK then !!

Pretty cool hey ?!

Next we have a little going to the pool outfit. We have, over Christmas and the New Year had visitors to stay with us - my Husband's parents and his Sister and her two children came to stay with us. We actually went camping to a lovely place called Bar Al Hickman for New Year, which was wonderful, we have been to the same place for the last three New Year Eve's and we have a fabulous time every time - it's so relaxing there. Anyway get to the point ! This all meant that we spend much more time than normal for this time of year going to the pool and the beach. It is cold here for us at the moment - not compared to other parts of the world I know, but for us - going to the pool when it's 20 degrees C is barmy - but the visitors wanted to get a tan so off to the pool we went and this is one of the outfits I wore to go up to the pool.

The skirt is from Promod, the t-shirt is a really old one from H & M, the flip flops are Havianas my lovely new red ones yum ! the bikini is one that I bought for next to nothing from Centrepoint.

This was a really comfy outfit, a lovely new dress that I got in the sale from Gap - the jeans are from Zara, my lovely Christmas boots again, of course ! The lovely cardy is from Gap many years ago - it has a huge hood on the back and is really cosy.

Here we have today's outfit - Christmas boots of course, Zara jeans (these jeans seem to be featuring a lot it would seem !) The vest top is from Jigsaw and the jumper is from Totem, the wrap is a Hanne Falkenberg one that I knitted, it took me ages, but I love it. This is the first time I have actually worn it and I got loads of compliments on it. Lots of people asked me if I might like to knit one for them, but I had to explain that when something takes over a year to knit there isn't a lot of money to be made from it !

So those are my outfits for now - I have been thinking about maybe trying to post my outfits on a daily basis for a while rather than a weekly basis just to see how it goes. I seem to miss Wednesday with alarming regularity and I hate having to post a mish mash of photos all at one time. I also find that I have been wanting to blog more recently but I haven't made the effort to do it, if I have to come on here to post my outfits hopefully I'll get back into the habit of posting more. I have found that since my knitting has taken a back seat I have hardly been blogging at all. I have been struggling to find an identity for my blog - it used to be all about knitting but now, there is very little knitting going on what am I blogging about ? I think I'll just get posting and find out, it's all that I can do really ?

So, I have a question - do you dust your Christmas decorations whilst they are up ? I took mine down the other day and boy oh boy were they dusty ! They have clearly not been dusted the whole time they were up - what do you do ?


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