Friday, July 16, 2010

Mary Portas = FABULOUS

So, I am back in the UK on my "summer" holiday ! We had a couple of rather hot days when we first arrived, but now, thankfully the weather has cooled and we can all wear jeans, jumpers and shoes, which we are loving. Sorry UK residents - I'm sure you would all love a scorching hot summer, but we are perfectly happy with it just the way it is thank you very much.

Since coming back to the UK my computer has reached almost meltdown levels with overuse thanks to BBC and ITV iplayer. I LOVE it soooooooo much. We can't get either of them to work in Oman, partly of course due to license fee issues, but also because our internet is so slow that if you want to download a normal tv programme it takes hours and hours and hours and hours, in fact, you might as well not bother really. Don't even think about trying to stream it - you will get 5 - 6 seconds of programme followed by 30 seconds of it trying to load the next 5 - 6 seconds, more frustrating than you can imagine !!

Anyway - I'm in the UK and can watch whatever I like and what I have chosen to watch the most ? Mary Queen of Shops - I love it, can't get enough of it - Mary is an icon, she is just totally fabulous. The clothes, the style, the manner, the humour - I'm in awe and I want to be her - well just having her wardrobe would do but man, she is just amazing. I have just finished watching the latest of her programmes, and I now feel devestated that I have watched them all - as a point of interest episode one of the latest series is not available on the iplayer, does anyone know why ?

So I was thinking - how totally amazing it would be if Mary would come to Oman and sort out our shops. To be honest, shopping in Oman is totally and utterly pants. This is evidenced by the fact that on our first day in the UK I went into the local Tesco's in my in-laws town (I know Mary I'm sorry, but there is no alternative I'm afraid) and I was totally and utterly overwhelmed by the choice of products - it's only a small Tesco more like a slightly bigger Metro, but I was bemused and bedazzled by the level of choice. In Oman you have to go to one supermarket to get your bread, one to get your meat yet another to get your fruit and veg and frankly they are all rubbish. Not only that the choice of other shops, like clothes shops is pretty dreadful. We only recently got a Zara and an H&M which obviously is fabulous, but it's the little independants that I miss so much. I need Mary to come to Oman and shut down some of the thousands and thousands of Opticians, Incense, Jewllery and Watch shops that there are and open up some fabulous clothes and accessories shops. The only housey shops we have are Zara home, which has looked pretty much like it is about to close down for the last year or so and White Company which is so expensive as to be crazy. Other than that it is the fabulous Centrepoint that is fully of MDF rubbish and guilded tripe !

How do you think I could persuade Mary to come to Oman and sort out our shops for us ? she could stay at our house for free, honest I wouldn't mind, she would be a mega intesting house guest. Mary if you are reading, you are welcome anytime, please come and sort us out !!!

Other than watching TV I have been doing a few other things as well, we did a fab touristy day yesterday and went to see the Changing of the Guard, which was followed by a vist to the new museum at the Horseguards Parade, which I think has to rank as one of the most interesting museums I have ever been to. The guys working in there were super knowledgable, interesting and friendly and we learnt so much. The children got to try on the uniforms of the Guards and it was just the right size, not too big. We all loved it. We also went to Buckingham Palace and then to the Tower of London, which was also very interesting but very very expensive to get into.

A few days ago we went to a place called the Herstmonceux Science Park - what an amazing place. Like the Science Museum, but outside mainly and totally interactive. It is located at the site of 7 now discused telescopes - Patrick Moore used to work here. The children just loved it and ran around like mad things playing with everything, you can do that here cause it's safe and not too big.

If you ever get the chance to go, please do, you'll love it especially if you have children that you can use as an excuse to play with all the displays. It is in Sussex, near Hastings in a beautiful setting.

Lots of other activites have been undertaken, but I'll bore you with those another time.