Saturday, April 15, 2006


Here I am again - I am aware that it isn't the next day, but I have been somewhat preoccupied just recently !! My parents came out to visit for a week, which was lovely, we had a really nice time, very relaxing indeed, unfortunately I managed to get tonsillitus while they were here - so off I went to the Dr to get the relevant medication. This was duely taken, only for the blasted tonsillitus to return a day after I finished the course of antibiotics. So back to the Dr again, this time I saw a different Dr and she said that one of the drugs that the last Dr had given me really shouldn't be taken by pregnant people, well only if they really needed it. Luckily I hadn't taken anything like the amount I had been given, so hopefully all will be well, but we shall see. I am now on my second course of antibiotics and not happy about it at all. I am the type of person that hates to take a paracetamol let alone antibiotics, and to have to take two courses when I'm pregnant does not make me a happy bunny, but I have not choice - I have to clear it up, it was making me vomit and everything and I can't live like that - I have spent the last two days on the sofa and am only now starting to feel more human again - I just hope that this course of antibiotics does the trick and that the antihystemines haven't done any lasting damage. Please cross everything for me.

On to knitting. I have the pictures of the two recent little bits that I have completed and here they are.

They are both done in 4ply cotton, 'cause that is all I can get here - but I'm pretty pleased with them. The varigated one was a free internet pattern and the dark pink and green one was adapated from a pattern in Rowan Junior - I can't be bothered to find out the name - sorry - I'm sick you know.

I am making slow progress with Ballerina - being ill is really not condusive to knitting especially when the outside temperature is 38 degrees C and you've got a temperature yourself - even the air conditioning doesn't seem to help. I think I'm going to have a little break from the little dancer and do a few frivolous things, then pick her up again with renewed interest - only problem is that I really want to finish my pink dream before I go back to the UK in the summer and I can't start that again until I finish Ballerina - or can I ?

Well off to take more drugs and hope I feel better soon, I've got to go back to the Dr tomorrow to find out the results of a lovely culture they took off my throat - so that should be fun.