Friday, July 04, 2008

Technical help

My blog seems to be double posting and I have no idea why - can anyone help me ? I am so out of the way of blogger now because I haven't used it for so long and I have no idea what I am looking for - any ideas ?

One Year On

A lot has happened in the last year. My baby boy has gone from the little bundle you can see just down the page to this

His first birthday was on 01 July and he had his first taste of chocolate cake and of course loved it ! He wasn't bouncing off the walls as much as I thought he would be though and he even had a smartie ! He had his first experience of a soft play area yesterday - it was mobbed 'cause it is the weekend here at the moment and he loved it - he went potty crawling about all over the place playing with other children - so nice to see - he leads a pretty quiet life usually because it is so hot here, he doesn't go out too much - there is not a lot of indoor stuff to do here so in the summer it's swimming or staying in !

I've got a little bit of knitting content - just a pair of socks that I knitted quite a while ago now for my friend Vanessa. You can see here the socks and Vanessa with the socks - lovely pictures I think you'll agree.

I have joined the land of Ravelry and it's addictive that's for sure. I have found some lovely patterns on there and I shall do another post soon about all the lovely things that I'm dying to knit.

I have just received the kit to knit another lovely Hanne Falkenberg kit, this time Gloria in colourway 3 - orange and rust - can't wait to start it.

I have also ordered the kit to do Promenade in colourway 1 - this one is for me - the Gloria is for my Mum - so I'm desperate to start this one ! It looks lovely and I want to be able to wear it this winter when we have our three days of chillyness !! I haven't received it yet - the lovely Cucumberpatch ran out of stock the day before I ordered it and I'm waiting for them to get new stock so they can forward it to me. In the mean time - revel in the lovelyness that is Promenade.

I am currently knitting three things - a blanket for Oscar from Anna's baby blanket pattern. I am doing it in some Debbie Bliss Pure Silk that I had in a beautiful blue colour - I'll do a picture soon.

I am also doing a ribbed jumper for a friend of mine from a very old Rowan book in a pink Rowan yarn - I can't remember the details and I'm so uninspired by the whole thing I can't even be bothered to get up to have a look at the details ! I'll get it finished but I don't know when - will have to be before the end of the summer holidays though - I can't have it going on longer than that !

I am also doing a little curly scarf for another friend of mine who is going back to South Africa for August - so I'm going to get that one done soon. I was hoping to get the blanket and the scarf done before we go on holiday, but since we are leaving next Friday I think it's unlikely - ho hum !!!

Right gotta go.

Have a goodun.