Saturday, July 04, 2009

Sigh of Relief

Well - all's well that ends well as they say. James wasn't made redundant after all - his company found a job for him and kept him on. It means he is doing something rather different from what he was employed to do, but hey he's got a job and he's very happy. And so am I !

Knitting has been taking place. I have knitted a lovely red All Seasons Cotton Feather and Fan baby blanket with the idea of trying to sell some little items at the Christmas Fairs that take place here later in the year. I have big plans but as usual they aren't really amounting to much !! Still I shall keep on trying and we'll see what happens.

I am currently knitting a Mulberry Wrap, which is a kit from Colinette. I am doing one in Alabaster Moon and one in Pale Sapphire. They are beautifully soft but rather more fiddly to do than I had anticipated - as is normal I had put a rather too tight deadline on completing these little items - I wanted them both done by 15 July - however I am just about half way through the first one - no chance !!! On top of that I have decided to try to knit a Clapotis for a friend of mine that is leaving. I hummed and hawed rather too long over the choice of yarn and eventually decided on the Sublime Cashmere Merino Silk Aran - she only wears black so it had to be in black. I am hoping to get the yarn tomorrow so I can get started - do you think it is possible to knit a Clapotis in 10 Days ?!!! I hope so - I think I may have sore hands by then !!

The reason that everything has to be finished by 15 July is because that is when we go on holiday - we are off to Bali for 6 weeks and I can't wait. DH is coming with us and staying for 3 weeks and then he comes home and we stay down with friends for the rest of the stay - I am so looking forward to the break. It is so hot here right now and we really can't go out unless we are going swimming - shopping and general life is just so tiring and hard work - so it will be lovely to go somewhere where we will be able to sit outside more and go for walks - and it will be green which will be a lovely change. I have been to Bali before many moons ago when I travelled around Indonesia for 2 months with a friend, but we were young and we only stayed on Bali for 4 days because we thought it was just too touristy !! I am sure we will be pleased of that this time around with two small children to entertain priorities change somewhat !

So I am going to take knitting with me but it probably isn't going to be the felted Christmas stockings I am planning for those Christmas fairs - not sure what to take - Mulberry Wraps ? Socks ? cotton baby blankets ? No idea really - hopefully I'll have time to knit - it would be dreadful if I didn't !

Ta ta all