Thursday, October 28, 2010

What I Wore Wednesday - Bit of a Catch Up

So I seem to have missed out doing the fab What I Wore Wednesday for quite a few weeks. I don't know how it happened I have been snapping away most days, but just not finding the time to sit and post the pictures, life has been busy. So right now I am not feeling too well, throat problems that always seems to happen at this time of year when the weather goes from scorching hot to rather warm ! So I have a little more time and I thought I would just post a collection of some of the outfits I have been wearing over the last few weeks - they are in no particular order, but here goes.

This is a navy blue dress from H & M, white jeans from H & M, navy shoes from East.

This is not something that I would usually leave the house in but we went to an 80's night party and it was fancy dress, I went as Dexy's Midnight Runners - not sure if you've even heard of them !!! You should have seen the husband he was all mullet wig, tight jeans and aviator sunglasses, it was hysterical !

This was for an evening time party for a friends Birthday. The top is from Bali - I love the colours - so fabulous, the jeans are my trusty skinny's from Zara, the shoes are from Seychelles - so comfy and gorgeous, the necklace is from East - you can see a close up below - it's lovely and bright !

This is a dress that I love - it is from a local boutique here, only problem is it is wrap around and if you are feeling a little ahem, portly - there really is nowhere to hide ! The necklace is a bit Mother of Pearl disk on a pink leather thong and the flip flops are Havianas.

This is a relaxing outfit, the top is from Nick and Friends and the pj bottoms are from La Senza the beautifully co-ordinating little boy is my Oscar and his PJ's are from Boden - lovely !

This has to be one of my favourite outfits, the jumper is a beautiful boxy shape one from Totem, the vest underneath is from Jigsaw, the jeans are from Anthropologie and the shoes are Sanuk - they are so comfortable !

This is a maxi dress that I sometimes wear to the pool and it's from Zara - I can't make out the shoes but they are probably Havianas.

This cardy if from Alternative - so soft and comfy, the vest is from Nick and Friends, the Skirt is from Fat Face and the shoes are Crocs.

These are the necklaces that went with the above outfit, they are two mother of pearl pendants on strands of libery fabric and my name in Arabic that the lovely Mr Siddiqi made for me.

This dress I bought quite some years ago from Gap - it is very low cut at the front so I have to wear it with a vest underneath - I'm not sure I like it it has the look of maternity about it, still it's comfy and cool ! The shoes are of course Crocs !

Well a basic outfit really, white shirt from H & M, belt from Zara, jeans from Anthropology and I was wearing red converse shoes with it, but I had to take them off due to a hot feet situation !

Well I shall try to do better in the future and actually post the outfits on the week I wear them, but don't hold me to that - life seems to just go barmy sometimes !