Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I did a bad, bad thing

Well - you know how I'm knitting the three infamous children's bits - well, I've made progress - I've finished all the bits for not only Evie but also Duel. So not content with just knitting a Clapotis for myself, I just couldn't resist starting Rosy, I've only done a bit, but what with the weather being cooler yesterday - well I just couldn't resist !

Rosy Posted by Picasa

I think she looks a bit like a rag at the moment - but I have never knitted anything from side to side - so I'm going to be interested to see how she turns out - I hope it's big enough. Still she will have to go on hold for a bit, while I finish of my trio of summer bits.

I have also made progress on the socks for my sister. I had terrible trouble with this pattern at the start - I had to do it four times, even then I wasn't sure I was doing it right - still it all worked out in the end and all I have to do now is sew this sock up and start the second one.

The two needle sock Posted by Picasa

I am quite pleased with this little sock - it was quite a lot of work to get it looking right, but I think it was worth it - they are so soft (they are knitted in Rowan Calmer) and I think they will be beautifully cosy - I'm quite tempted to do a pair for myself - when I get a bit of time to myself !!!

Talking of which I'm off to John Lewis at Bluewater this afternoon to get the yarn to knit Manhattan from the RYC Classic Cafe book. This is for the Mummy of the children for whom I'm knitting the summer bits. It was recently her Birthday and me paying for part of the yarn and knitting this for her is her present. I need to get a wiggle on though - I don't think I'm going to have time to do anything other than knitting before Christmas ! I'll be fine - I just need to focus - anyway Sam is so small, it won't take me long to do the small size of Manhattan, even though it is moss stitch throughout and I have no idea how to do the crochet edging - ack - I 'll work it out ! I've got a day to myself tomorrow, the boys are off to the War and Peace show, so I can either spend the day knitting or ironing, I wonder which it will be - I hear Doris Day calling to me !


Anonymous Anonymous said...

lovely socks! i want to start socks, but i'm scared of 4 needles, so those look PERFECT!
i'm sure they'll be much loved.
your sp x

9:21 pm  
Anonymous francoise said...

Manhattan is a lovely pattern. I think it is very generous of you to knit it for a friend though. I am the selfish kind of knitter myself who only knit small things for others (shame on me...)

1:56 am  
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