Friday, July 15, 2005

Clapoti, Clapota, life goes ooooon - la la la la la la la

Am I going mad ? I think so - I have been decorating ALL day and I mean ALL day - we started at about 7.00am this morning and we finished at about 6.00pm - we aren't totally done yet, but it's almost there - oh yes - it's the hallway - it's not that large, there isn't that much wall space, but boy is there a lot of woodwork that seems to just suck up the paint - why oh why do we have to do so many coats - just one is enough, then the novelty definately wears off - oh well - only the bathroom, our bedroom, the spare room, the upstairs hallway, the outside of the windows and the drainage at the back of house to do and then we'll be finished - ha ha ha - no actually the bathroom is half done, so it's not all bad news - aghhhh - somebody give me a beer !

On the knitting front - I have taken a little vacation from the children's bits I'm doing and have been merrily knitting away at my Clapotis - it's looking gorgeous - I have decided to use the three balls that my gorgeous SP sent me (more of her later) and see how far I get, then I'll decide how many more balls I need - if anyone has knitted a Clapotis on Size 4mm needles with Noro Silk Garden before, perhaps you could circumvent this process, and just tell me how many balls you used. I am seriously tempted to join in the HipKnits Clapotis knitalong - I have been dying to get some of their silk yarn for ages, but I've just spent quite a lot of money on knitting recently and I think I may be lynched by the hubby - still it is my Birthday soon and I could suggest that any family that want to get me a present could give me money so I can get this - what do you think - reasonable ?

Well, here is the Clapotis so far - I am so delighted with it - I love the colours and I am so chuffed that my SP has encouraged me to knit something that I wanted to have go at, but thought would be much harder than it is - thanks again SP xx

Clapotis Posted by Picasa

You can't see the colours really well in this photo - I have tried several times to take a good photo of the yarn, but it never seems to come out vibrant enough - still take my word for it, it is gorgeous and I can't wait to be able to wear it !

Last night my darling Hubby went down the pub with mates for a quiz night - so I thought perfect chance to get on with the socks I want to do for my sister for her Birthday (it is on 14 August, so I've got a bit of time). I decided to have a go at the two needle socks in issue three of Simply Knitting - they looked fool proof - they weren't ! I have started and undone them four times and I was getting very frustrated - I think the problem was that there was definately an error in the pattern on row 6 and then when I got down to row 17 it all didn't make sense anymore, so having lost faith in the pattern at row 6 - I assumed it was wrong - it wasn't. Last night, after much perseverence and a fair bit of bad language - I decided to turn off the TV and concentrate on what I was doing and low and behold - they look like they are working now - of course I haven't got down to the complicated stuff yet, like the heel or the toe - but I now have faith in the pattern and am ready to follow it. So here it is so far

Two needle socks Posted by Picasa

A fabulous thing happened to me today - I was busy decorating, wearing my scabby clothes, covered in paint - hot and bothered and there was a ring at the door - who could it be ? it was the postman - with a package for me - what was in this package - the most wondeful stitch markers from my gorgeous SP (I told you she'd get another mention !) - you are one very kind and generous person SP and in no way was I expecting you to make me more stitch markers when I was asking for a trade - they are wondeful - I shall sit and marvel at the beauty of the beads this evening, after I've eaten my curry ! I love them - so much and shall put them to immediate use on my Clapotis - here, so you can all marvel at their beauty, they are.

Beautiful Stitch Markers Posted by Picasa

The lovely Emily is also sending me some stitch markers, so I'm going to be a veritable millionaire in stitch markers by next week - and this for someone who didn't even know what they were before I started blogging ! I'm very grateful to you Emily for agreeing to make me some more stitch markers and I shall find something ravishing to send you in return - well I hope it will be something quite nice anyway !!

So have a lovely weekend all, we are doing yet more diy - the things we have to do just because we want to sell this house and move to the seaside ! I can't wait to move though - I yearn to be by the sea - didn't an EM Forster character say something like that once - who knows ?