Tuesday, July 12, 2005


I have now managed to finish all the pieces for the Evie jumper I'm doing at the mo. Unfortunately I was knitting up the second sleeve last night when I realised I had neglected to the shaping at the top of the first sleeve - so I had to undo it - not all the way obviously, just the cast off edge and re-do the top - so that cut down the amount of "spare" time had to do my Clapotis. Never mind - I managed to get one increase repeat done and used a safety pin as a stitch marker. After all the wonderful suggestions I have received for different items to use as stitch markers, I thought I'd give it a go. Thanks to everyone.

I seem to have rather a nasty pain in my left elbow at the moment - I am not sure if it is to do with knitting, or all the diy I've been doing recently - I'm so hoping that it will go on its own - but at the moment it is rather hot and uncomfortable. Rest was the suggestion that has been made by many a friend, but if I rest it that means no knitting, and how can a woman live like that ? I need to knit - it's only when faced with the realisation that I may not be able to knit for a few days I realise how addicted I am - I'm like a junkie - must get some knitting in, no matter how little it is - still there are worse things to be addicted to - talking of which I had a beer last night - which is pretty much unheard of for me - I blame it on the heat, but who knows perhaps it's the slippery slope to more addictions !!!

Lynette - thanks for your comment, but when I click on your name I can't get to your blog (presuming you have one), in fact I can get no information on you at all ! Come back to my blog please do and let me know who you are !


Blogger littlelixie said...

Had to rip a sock I was knitting - had made it elephant sized without realising. Can empathise with your backtracking.

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