Thursday, June 16, 2005

Yarn Anyone ?

Weekend before last a friend of mine asked me if I would like to knit a few bits for her two children - I naturally jumped at the chance - doing knitting and having the yarn paid for by someone else - how could I refuse. One of the bits we decided on was this little tank top. I said I'd have a look at home and see what All Season Cotton I had lying about since we only needed the 0-6 month size. So then on Sunday night I thought I'll just have a look. I found a few bits and so thought I'd just cast on and see how it went - 4 hours later and well past midnight - I'd finished the knitting - I sewed in all the end the following morning and it was on Nathan's lovely little frame that afternoon - wow - I made my own head spin with the speed of that one ! It was so quick I didn't remember to take a photo of it, I have asked my friend to take a modelled shot and hopefully I'll be able to post that soon.

So Monday afternoon it was off to Bluewater to buy the rest of the yarn for my upcoming projects and I got this yarn to knit this little jumper.

Yarn for Maddy's Jumper Posted by Hello

This All Seasons Cotton to knit this little jacket.

Yarn For Nathan's Jacket Posted by Hello

And this yarn to knit this little cardy. As you can see I have already nearly finished the back - I just need to cast off the centre stitches and shape the other shoulder then it's onto the fronts. The whole of this jumper is supposed to be ribbed - back and front, but when I knitted it for Jacob I found that by ribbing it all over it tends to be way too pulled at the front - so I do the back in stocking stitch and leave the ribbing for the front - it looks lovely when it's done.

Yarn For Maddy's Cardy Posted by Hello

All of these are quite plain colours, but they are meant to be summer jumpers that go with everything, if there is such a thing !

I have sent my first parcel to my Secret Pal now and I'm waiting for her to receive it - I really hope she likes it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi becky! your sp here... how mysterious! i just wanted to say that i am completely in awe of your unbelievable generosity. i have never seen anyone knit for others like you do! it's amazing! and inspiring... i'll be in touch again soon!
yous sp x

4:33 pm  
Blogger Becky said...

Oooh - you're making me blush - stop or I won't be able to get through the door my head will be so big - truth is, I'm addicted to knitting and if I can do it at no cost to myself I'm happy !!! If I have to buy the yarn as well, well I still love it so I'm happy to do it. Thanks for your kind words though sp - you're the best !

7:10 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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4:01 am  

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