Saturday, June 04, 2005

Hip Hip Hooray

At last - it's all done and dusted - all my baby bits are done and I feel much better for it.

Archie, finished at last ! Posted by Hello

I need to just give the cardy a once over with the iron and then I'll be happy that it's done. I have to say that it isn't finished as perfectly as I would like, but once it's ironed, it will look fine I'm sure - I think I'm biased because this project has been so hard won - why ? I think because I decided at the beginning that I didn't like the pattern, that put me in the wrong frame of mind and then it was all down hill from there. In fact I didn't make any mistakes at all, and when I got on with it, it all went very smoothly. Still I certainly won't be doing it again - there is a lot of sewing involved because all the edges are double, so it's very fiddly and akward. The instructions for the collar were totally useless - it told you to knit a collar X number of stitches wide, and 12 cm long, double it over and then SEW it to the cardy - what ???? I followed the instructions, it didn't fit at all and would have looked dreadful - so I abandoned that and just picked up stitches, knitted a collar and then folded it in two and sewed it in place to cover up the neck edge - it looks much better - where do they get these ideas from ?!

Here is the finished Lucky Cardy

Lucky Posted by Hello

And Scottie in a better light

Scottie Posted by Hello

And here is the whole package - I think it looks lovely

The Final Package Posted by Hello

I'm much happier now that it is all done - it's a weight off my mind and I'm brimming with ideas for future projects. I started a new baby cardy last night - which is looking fab - I've done two sleeves and most of the back, but I ran out of yarn - so I'm off to C&H Fabrics this morning to get some more yarn and I suspect I'll finish it in no time - I may even give it to my friend with the new baby, if I finish it as quickly as I think I will, here is a picture of it so far.

Stripes - again ! Posted by Hello

I recently bought a few balls of dusty pink cotton glace to combine with some white that I already had, I want to try and re-create the lovely poncho that I saw in Whitstable - unfortunately I can't afford to buy Hemp at the moment, so I'm using stash. I've knitted up a swatch, and I don't like the colour - aghhhhh - it looks too Adidas - do you know what I mean ?

So I need to go back to Bluewater and change it for a limey green I think. That will look much better. What do you think ?

Too Adidas Posted by Hello

I have also decided to knit the two needle socks in Rowan Calmer from the latest Simply Knitting, for my sister for her birthday, so I'm going to get that yarn today as well - I've not knitted with Calmer before, so I'm quite looking forward to it.


Blogger Steph said...

What a beautiful baby package - and what a lucky recipient!

2:30 am  
Anonymous Ann said...

So who got the nice baby package? I hope they know what a totally awesome gift that is to be treasured like there is no tomorrow.

What happened with the white and pink/lime poncho? Are you really a poncho wearer? The ones I tend to like are the openwork ones so you can still see the person's frame underneath. Crochets ones just make me think of this burgundy-navy-white poncho and tam set that came into our family when I was in elementary (primary) school. Yuck. Did you see the MamaPoncho ( though? Pretty cool.

2:08 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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