Sunday, May 29, 2005


I've been really enjoying reading the blogs of those lovely knitters that are involved in the SP5 - I love reading the answers to all those questions and finding about them - I'm really sorry now that I didn't get involved in it - I think it would have been fun. It wasn't really the right time unfortunately - too much going on, but maybe I should have anyway. Oh well, next time hopefully.

I've been slogging on with my baby bits and they are driving me mad. I'm nearly finished and hope to get it all done and dusted this afternoon, I think that may be a bit over ambitous - but I've got to try with steely determination - I've been procrastinating for too long now.

So, it's back to the knitting and hopefully I'll be back later with some piccies.


Blogger Emily said...

The signup for sp5 only closes this weekend. Try emailing the organiser with your details you might still be able to join in!

2:27 am  

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