Saturday, April 30, 2005


Well, I paid a visit to Bluewater today to get some yarn from John Lewis to knit a little something for my friend who is having a baby. And I'm really pleased with what I ended up with - although the colour choice was very difficult indeed - I always find it hard to choose colours, they never seem to have the ones I want in the gauge I want - ho hum - still got some lovely bits.

So I got me some lovely green Rowan All Season Cotton to knit this little cardy

Lovely Green Yarn Posted by Hello

I also got this gorgeous Rowan 4ply Soft to do this "Archie" cardy and hat.

Scrummy 4ply Soft Posted by Hello

I have also decided to do a little Scottie Dog in black, so I got the yarn for that too.

The Little Dog Posted by Hello

I is gonna be busy !


Anonymous minxxy said...

Hiya becky!
Just over to say hello and thanks for the comments posted on my blog! MaDge comes from your end of the country, just outside Maidstone, but I captured his heart and he willingly moved 500 miles up here!
Love the big chunky scarf, what pattern is it. I am sure you have blogged that but as this is a flying visit I will leave my comment so I remember to look next time I'm in. TUT! what am i like leaving myslef notes on others blogs to remind me things!!

10:03 pm  
Blogger Becky said...

Wow that is devotion 500 miles is some distance ! You must be worth it ! Even if he doesn't always agree with your choice of colours !

The scarf is from the Rowan book "The Next Big Thing" I did blog about this in my previous blog that has since been shut down because it was a waste of time - anyway I whitter !! It's a lovely pattern really easy to do, you literally knit one row, then on the purl row, you increase into the first stitch and then purl the last two stitches together and hey presto, you get a lovely diagonal stripe - I love it. In this one - I have done four rows coloured to two rows plain, but you can do any combo you like. It is meant to be knitted in Rowan Biggy Print and Rowan Chunky print, but anything you like would be good.

Anyway - thanks for dropping by my blog, it's very early days for me at the moment, so not lots of stuff to read about, but I'm trying to build on it.

12:34 pm  

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