Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Little Green Cardi

Well, I've made excellent progress with my little green cardi

Little Green Jumper Posted by Hello

I love knitting this little cardigan - it is so quick - how we love All Seasons Cotton on 5mm needles - it grows so quickly it actually makes doing the moss stitch pleasant, you get into such a rhythm with it, you almost can't put it down - unless your two year old little boy soaks you with the hose that is !! I should be finished it today - that is unless the guilt eminating from the massive pile of ironing overwhelms me and I have no choice but to do, but I can't see that happening !

I gave the scarf and bag to their new owner yesterday - Jane, and she was very pleased with them - at least she said she was - so I'll believe her. Hope you have many happy hours with them Jane, and if they fall apart - send them right back and I'll sort them out - not that I'm suggesting that they will fall apart, but you know me and sewing machines don't really go together - well not yet - I'm going to try to get started on the little pair of trousers I want to make for Jacob this week, I'm scared of that machine though - I think I was scarred at school and yes, it's been that long since I last used one properly. God I'm doomed - hand me that quick unpick, I just know I'm gonna need it !


Blogger Tracy said...

Oh err, I'm with you on the sewing machine front! I hated my needlework teacher and I don't think she cared for me too much either. I'm sure she was a sales rep for Bernina or something, it's all she ever went on about. My only decent claim to fame was a needle case which had all the decorative machine stitches round the front. Just the thought of it makes me shiver.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Best regards from NY! here

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