Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Oh More Wanting

Having seen the gorgeous result of Jane's Rosy cardigan from Debbie Bliss - I want to do it and I want to do it now. I'm so fickle - I just change my mind all the time. I really really want to do it though and I don't think I'm going to be able to resist for much longer ! Only question is what colour should I do - should I go for safe and boring cream - or something a little bit more wild - problem is I don't really have anything in mind to wear it with and I always seem to end up with wild and random colours in my wardrobe that don't go together - perhaps I should find something to wear it with and then choose the colour. Mmmm - something to think about.

I'm steadily getting on with my knitting - I have finished knitting the bits for the Lucky cardigan, all I have to do is give it a quick iron, sew it all together and then sort out a button for it - won't take long, it's so little. I have made good progress with the Archie cardigan - but the pattern is driving me mad - there is everything in there that I don't like.

I hate it when you do the back and then you go to do the first front and it tells you to make it x number of rows shorter than the back - why didn't they just tell you the number of rows you had to do on the back instead of giving it to you in cm ? presumably if your tension was right, if they told you the number of rows to knit you'd end up with the right length - grrr I hate it. Also, now I have knitted the right front I have to mark the position of the buttons, first one to come 1.5cm below the pocket placement and last one to come xcm below start of next shaping - I hate all that measuring and counting - why don't they just tell you what rows to do the buttonholes on - that's why you buy a pattern after all. I hate counting up the rows - doing the buttoholes and then finding they aren't evenly spaced, especially since this pattern requires you to knit the buttonholes as part of the garment i.e. it isn't a button band - if I get it wrong I have to undo the whole thing - I have done that so many times, no matter how careful I am, I always seem to get it wrong - ho hum - suffice it to say, I probably won't be doing this cardy again - still once I've done it once, I'll have written down all the information that they don't give you in the pattern so second time around it should be easier. I guess I'll see how it turns out - it seems quite fiddly for a quick baby knit - still at least it isn't a fairisle !!!!


Anonymous Jane said...

Cream, blue, lime, sage - Rosy would look lovely in any of them. I wore mine for the first time yesterday - lovely and soft and drapey. It's a great shape and looks good with jeans or skirts. Cast on now!!

3:56 pm  
Blogger Becky said...

I know - I want to do her in all of those colours, plus fushia MMMM - really fancy pink - is that too girly ?

5:15 pm  
Anonymous Jane said...

You don't have to use zillions of stitch markers when knitting a Clapotis. Instead of placing the marker, purl the stitch which will be dropped (if you read the pattern, you'll see what I mean). Much, much easier and makes no difference to the finished scarf. I started with markers but they drove me mad.
I agree with you about a good apron - I often sit down to eat still wearing mine (even when we have visitors) and realise it's really just an adult bib!

12:48 pm  
Anonymous Jane said...

And no, bright pink is great!

12:48 pm  

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