Monday, June 06, 2005

Hello Secret Pal

I have received two lovely e:mails from my secret pal and I'm already enjoying the experience!

She has asked me a couple of further questions, so I thought I would answer them here, to keep the spirit alive !

What do you buy when you want to spoil yourself / cheer yourself up / relax? what do you use to really indulge yourself?

Well usually what I buy first is yarn to knit with. I put on quite a bit of weight when I had my son and I'm still trying to loose it (not all that successfully) so I don't really buy myself clothes. I'm not into make up so I don't buy that. I do spend money on getting my hair dyed - which needs doing badly right now - I'm getting too grey ! God I sound about 90 ! I'm really into ear-rings right now - I love dangly ones and I've got long hair, so I tend to buy myself nice hair bits and pieces like these. I also love, love, love shoes, especially flip flops like these, the ones with the flowers on them - mmmm - I love the ones in Monsoon. Is that enough waffle for you ?!!!
Are there any yarns you'd love to try but have never gotten around to?

Yes absolutely - I would love to try this Sari Yarn, Noro Silk Garden, this beautiful silk yarn especially in the "Surf" colourway and some of the SCH Socka Cotton Stretch, it's from Kangaroo yarns, but I can't do a link directly to it - sorry . I'm sure there are lots of others too, but I can't think of them right now !

Are there any knitting things that just make you want to stop knitting? allergic to bamboo needles? eyelash yarn make you feel ill? etc

Well I'm not too keen on anything that splits easily, and as you know I hate acrylic - but other than that, I'm happy to give most things a go as long as I've got something to make them into.
Anything else you'd like to add but there wasn't space for on the questionaire?

I'm mad about gingham - especially red gingham - I love anything to do with the sea - I love the colour blue, especially checked. I love things that are bright and I love fresh air and thunder storms. I love the summer and I adore swimming. I read loads of books and I love Desperate Housewives. I love baking, espescially fairy cakes - I'm a pudding aholic, hence the inability to loose weight ! One of my favourite things to do is lounge in my hammock in the sun reading a book while my little boy is at nursery, but I also love getting down on the floor and playing pirate ships with Jacob. I'm bored of diy and wouldn't mind never doing any again. I wish I could draw and paint, but I'm dreadful at it !

I can't think of anything else to say really. So I hope that is enough information.