Saturday, June 11, 2005

I'm Sooooooo Excited !

Look, look, look what came in the post this morning

Lucky Me ! Posted by Hello

I'm such a lucky person - this Secret Pal thing is fantabulous ! Thank you so much for all those lovely bits Secret Pal - you're fab. And here is a picture of Jacob enjoying some of the package.

Happy Jacob Posted by Hello

As I opened the package all Jacob could say to each bit was "oh Cool " and he's only two and a half ! He particularly loved the lip balm - mmmm chocity ! He thinks the sheep is his - I shall have to sneek it away from him while he's sleeping - ahhhh I'm a cruel parent !

Thank you again - you fabulous Secret Pal you !


Blogger littlelixie said...

Your pal rocks! Got a postcard from mine yesterday. Is all very exciting!

1:40 pm  
Blogger Becky said...

I know - it's really exciting isn't it - how wondeful to get all those Noddy books, Jacob was so chuffed !

1:48 pm  
Anonymous Andrea said...

Gosh Becky - how lovely of your pal to think about your little boy like that! Love the sheep to - it's adorable - he can sit on top of your stash guarding it!!!

3:10 am  
Anonymous Ann said...

Too cute. I like that little sheepie too.

11:05 pm  
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